- Mar 22 2021

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Clues Answers
''Are we having __ yet?'' FUN
''Half'' prefix for circle SEMI
''I remember now!'' AHYES
''It was me who did it!'' ICONFESS
''Scat!'' SHOO
''The __ the merrier'' MORE
''You can't scam me!'' IMNOFOOL
A Great Lake ERIE
Allows LETS
Annoys IRKS
Assigns to a job APPOINTS
Ballerina's skirt TUTU
Bar bill TAB
Basketball official, for short REF
Bed cover that reduces anxiety SECURITYBLANKET
Befuddled state DAZE
Botanical sunburn soother ALOE
Burden ONUS
Car fuel GAS
Chemist's workroom LAB
Competent ABLE
Cuddly toys such as teddy bears STUFFEDANIMALS
Curly-leafed cabbage KALE
Enthusiastic, as a fan AVID
Factually correct TRUE
Fashion-line creator DESIGNER
Fly high SOAR
Granola grains OATS
Handbag PURSE
Having no clutter NEAT
Headquartered (in) BASED
Historical periods ERAS
Huge bodies of water SEAS
Japan's continent ASIA
Joint above a shin KNEE
Jury members PEERS
Life story, for short BIO
Long-tailed lab rodents RATS
Longtime pal CRONY
Clues Answers
Magician's stick WAND
Makes a mistake ERRS
Might possibly MAY
Moral misdeed SIN
Movie ticket remnant STUB
Number inside a shoe SIZE
Occupied, as a chair TAKEN
Once existed WERE
Orchestral woodwind OBOE
Overused, as a phrase TRITE
Paid out SPENT
Performer's signals CUES
Played a trumpet BLEW
Point opposite NNW SSE
Rain heavily POUR
Regret doing RUE
River's flood barrier LEVEE
Scent-detecting organs NOSES
Sesame-__ bun SEED
Soft tennis shots LOBS
Solos for opera divas ARIAS
Springtime songbird ROBIN
Stallone's boxer role ROCKY
Steals from ROBS
Stew-cooking vessel POT
Store salesperson CLERK
Tales told just before ''lights-out'' BEDTIMESTORIES
Teheran's country IRAN
Tips of socks TOES
Undercover agents SPIES
Wagers BETS
Watchful and ready ALERT
Watery castle barrier MOAT
Where a rainbow forms SKY
Without a companion ALONE
Without a warranty ASIS
Work with needle and thread SEW
Writing utensil PEN
Year-end school dance PROM