The Washington Post - Mar 22 2021

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Clues Answers
'... nothing more' PUREANDSIMPLE
'Cool!' NICE
'Dilbert' cry GAH
'Get moving!' CMON
'Give us this day __ daily bread': Matthew OUR
'Kapow!' BLAM
'Old chap' speaker BRIT
'Puss in Boots' monster OGRE
'Uncle!' ILOSE
Accompanying dishes, like 56-Across SIDEORDERS
Actress Lively of 'Green Lantern' BLAKE
Actress Winslet or Hudson KATE
Again ANEW
Air pressure meas PSI
Alpine songs YODELS
Assign stars to RATE
Athenian now a citizen in Athens, Georgia, say GREEKAMERICAN
Barely ahead UPONE
Bear's home LAIR
Bonkers LOCO
Bowl game venue ARENA
Capture CATCH
Chicken piccata toppers CAPERS
Circular fried food ... and what's in the circled letters ONIONRINGS
Clever tactic PLOY
College head DEAN
Country south of Saudi Arabia YEMEN
Crush consistently in competition OWN
D.C. dealmaker POL
Dairy farm animal COW
Decisive boxing victories KOS
Did a stable job SHOED
Expecting a baby, quaintly WITHCHILD
Fancy farewells CIAOS
Fronded office greenery FERN
George Eastman's camera KODAK
Golf great Ernie ELS
Gravel driveway alternative TAR
Clues Answers
Gun lobby org NRA
Having exclusive information INTHEKNOW
Hillock KNOLL
Indy competitor RACER
Issue for a speech coach, perhaps LISP
J, F or K, in 'JFK': Abbr INIT
Japanese financial hub OSAKA
Kanga's kid ROO
Knee injury initials ACL
Lavender cousin LILAC
Leg part guarded in soccer SHIN
Levitate RISE
Like one saying 'Well, I never!' INDIGNANT
Long of 'Boiler Room' NIA
Massive awareness campaign, for short PRBLITZ
Mayberry youngster OPIE
New Orleans NFLer SAINT
New Zealander KIWI
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
Oklahoma city that, when reversed, is a synonym for 'eat' ENID
Pig Latin negative IXNAY
React to a shock REEL
Recoiled SHIED
Rocks in a bar ICE
Savory rice dish PILAF
Secret stash CACHE
Sheepish animals? EWES
Singer Carly __ Jepsen RAE
Skin care additive ALOE
Spoken ORAL
Spraying gently, as plants SPRITZING
Square dance milieu HOEDOWN
Stuck (in) MIRED
Tablets with preloaded FaceTime IPADS
Tea and coffee servers URNS
Treat with disdain SCORN
TurboTax pros CPAS
x, y or z, in geometry AXIS