The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 647 - Mar 15 2021

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Clues Answers
Adult, following attack, is scared AFRAID
Artist wearing an acceptable jacket ANORAK
Authority given by underling attached to party DOMINION
Body of ramblers' leader buried in spinney CORPSE
Briefly examine large-headed nail STUD
Broken machine – initially call someone who'll fix it, perhaps MECHANIC
Carve part of set, chesspiece ETCH
Crash: force retaining papers ACCIDENT
Dressing as yeoman in resort MAYONNAISE
Excellent controller dispensing with eye shield SUPER
Excellent work on score following opening of 'Turandot' TOPNOTCH
Failing to engage a cleaner for minister's house VICARAGE
Famous duke after grouse dish BEEFWELLINGTON
Flower, first of lilacs, out of bed at home LUPIN
Clues Answers
Get back about company, well-informed RECOUP
Local line running through Rochester OCHE
Nimble scout stopping runs SPRY
One in location for fish PLAICE
Opera about soldiers pursuing a king CARMEN
Pit dog, extremely rowdy COLLIERY
Plans to return for canned meat SPAM
Point of loud warning TIPOFF
Revolutionary spoke about heading for confrontation RADICAL
Son exposed wound SNAKED
Specific show EXPRESS
Spring training in middle of week – footwear required ESPADRILLE
What may be hard to dry? HAIR