L.A. Times Daily - Mar 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"Must-see" review RAVE
"The Mikado" weapon, briefly SNEE
"Word on the street is ... " SOMESAY
100 centavos? CHANGEOFPESO
Actress Woodard ALFRE
Admit, with "to" COP
Albany is its cap NYS
Amigo PAL
Anthem opener OSAY
Aptly named Renault LECAR
Bars not for drinking SOAPS
Big brand in card collections TOPPS
Blog feed letters RSS
Brave opponent RED
California locale where "Maria Maria" fell in love, in a Santana hit EASTLA
Certain something AURA
Chansons de __: medieval French poems GESTE
Charlotte of "The Facts of Life" RAE
Cheese with an edible rind BRIE
Chowder morsel CLAM
City on the Missouri OMAHA
Cleaning chemical LYE
Clinton running mate KAINE
Coastal inlet RIA
Conger catchers EELERS
Coup target, perhaps TYRANT
Court arbiters REFS
Cries of pain OWS
Dory, e.g BOAT
Dr. __ Skoda, J.K. Simmons' "Law & Order" role EMIL
Dukes seen in fights FISTS
Eavesdropping org NSA
Fat, say LIPID
Filet __ MIGNON
Former Ford autos, briefly MERCS
Former New Mexico senator with an Uncle Mo TOMUDALL
French cleric ABBE
Funny Fey TINA
Genetic lab samples DNAS
Georgia et al., once SSRS
Gets ready to file SORTS
Ginza locale TOKYO
Grassy plain LEA
Great Lakes' __ Canals SOO
Gretchen of "Boardwalk Empire" MOL
Gym site YMCA
Hard-hitting sound WHAP
Hardy work POEM
Hawaiian feasts LUAUS
Iced pastry ECLAIR
In a bit SOON
Indy racing family UNSERS
Intoxicated to the point at which getting a tattoo sounds like a good idea? INKBLOTTO
iPad, iPod and iPhone? APPLETRIO
It makes everything better, purportedly CUREALL
J.R.R. Tolkien feature PERIOD
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Leaves alone STETS
Leftover morsel ORT
Legendary fire starter COW
Loses it GOESMAD
Man of La Mancha SENOR
Martini go-with? ROSSI
Mongolian tent YURT
More coarse, as sandpaper GRITTIER
More inclined STEEPER
More relaxed LOOSER
Named time span ERA
Navy builder SEABEE
Never again NOLONGER
Clues Answers
Nitrogen compound AMINE
Notes after fa SOLA
Number on a tag PRICE
Office group STAFF
On one's own? LIVINGSOLO
One watching a shepherd, say DOGSITTER
Outdoor barbecue area for wings? CHICKENPATIO
Paradise ELYSIUM
Permissible LICIT
Peruvian plain LLANO
Physical opening META
Plains tribe OTO
Play for a sap USE
Pricing word APIECE
Ragout, e.g STEW
Renewable energy choice SOLAR
Revered Mother TERESA
Revolted UPROSE
River to the North Sea ELBE
Road sign caution SLO
Rock bottom NADIR
Rulers before the Bolsheviks TSARS
Safe and sound SECURE
Scarlett's plantation TARA
Selected CHOSE
Sgts. and such NCOS
Shirt named for a game POLO
Simple sack COT
Six-pack contents? ABS
Six-time N.L. home run champ OTT
Sketching an infamous emperor? DRAWINGNERO
Snakes in hieroglyphics ASPS
Some Hollywood FX CGI
Son-of-a-gun SOANDSO
Speck ATOM
Spot in the Senate SEAT
Spur-of-the-moment Tinder profile? IMPULSEBIO
Stallion's mate MARE
Start to build a pot ANTE
Stubborn equine ASS
Student __ LOAN
Support beam IBAR
Swiss peak ALP
Tabloid fodder DIRT
Takes steps ACTS
Takes time drinking NURSES
Tattoo target BARESKIN
Theme park beast, perhaps? ARTIFICIALHIPPO
Toledo's lake ERIE
Travelers' decision points FORKS
Trumpet kin CORNETS
Valuable rocks ORES
Vaping products, briefly ECIGS
Vitamin C source ADE
Walked over TROD
Wallet contents CASH
Weakens SAPS
Where Chiang ruled from 1950 on TAIPEI
Whiskey cocktail SOUR
Windpipe TRACHEA
Woodlouse, e.g ISOPOD
Work on a seam, say SEW
Wrath IRE
WWII spy org OSS
Yemen's capital SANAA
Young socialite DEB
__ child ONLY
__ noir PINOT