The Washington Post Sunday - Mar 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'1984' worker PROLE
'24' actress Mary ___ Rajskub LYNN
'By Jove, dear chap!' ISAY
'Dimes,' in Texas hold 'em lingo TENS
'Great blue' bird HERON
'I'm sick of this!' THATSIT
'Is there anything to ___?' EAT
'Let's kick some ___!' (pun from Mr. Freeze in 'Batman & Robin') ICE
'Not with you on that' (Oregon) DISAGREED
'The Apu Trilogy' music composer Shankar RAVI
'The promise of ___ is truth' (line from the Koran) ALLAH
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
'Water for Elephants' author Gruen SARA
'Whatever the cost, I'll pay that' (Texas) NAMEYOURPRICE
'Where the Crawdads Sing' author Owens DELIA
'Where ___ Went' (Gayle Forman novel) SHE
'___ chance!' FAT
100 Year Starship project leader Jemison MAE
1980 film featuring sideshow performers CARNY
2011, 2014 and 2020 NFL MVP Aaron RODGERS
Abolished ENDED
Actress who co-starred on the series 'Let's Stay Together' (New York) ERICAHUBBARD
Admit, with 'to' COP
Angle symbol THETA
Animated arguments over the issues (Maine) SPIRITEDDEBATES
Apt rhyme of 'cake' BAKE
Article of clothing not worn during an undie run PANTS
Bamboo forest critters PANDAS
Base phrase ATEASE
Basketball player who averages 30 points per game, e.g SCORER
Bath room? LOO
Bears' burrows DENS
Big bird of the past DODO
Book of Genesis woman EVE
Brooding animal's noise CLUCK
Build something that can be cracked, say? ENCODE
Cellphones not finding any service and mirror-based jump scares, e.g., in horror films TROPES
Cherished recollection (Georgia) TREASUREDMEMORY
Chicken-serving bar? ROOST
Chung who launched her own fashion label ALEXA
Cinco menos uno CUATRO
City where the Asahi Shimbun is published OSAKA
Cold season outburst ACHOO
Comes down outside RAINS
Cookie in cream pies OREO
Croat's neighbor SERB
Cry to flamenco dancers OLE
Depend RELY
Derbies' edges BRIMS
Dickensian character WAIF
Dishonest practice SCAM
Drew into a trap ENSNARED
Egyptian president from 1970 to 1981 SADAT
Emmy-winning Reiner CARL
Emulated theater majors ACTED
Enthusiastic reply to a preacher TELLIT
Excitement from hype HOOPLA
Existing (New York) TAKINGUPSPACE
Expressive and poetic LYRICAL
Far from moist ARID
Fell back into bad habits, say RELAPSED
First word of FWIW FOR
Floor installation worker TILER
Florida city where the Triple Crown winner Affirmed was bred OCALA
Forte for Agnes Martin, aptly contained in AGNES MARTIN ART
Fraternal order with an antlered beast in its logo ELKS
Frozen treat with a Major Mango flavor OTTERPOP
Future draft picks' org NCAA
Game summary RECAP
Gmail button SEND
Greyhounds' track event DOGRACE
Hairy swinger APE
Clues Answers
Higher level (North Carolina) UPPERECHELON
Highest setting, briefly MAX
Hole-in-one ACE
Horse's brisk gait TROT
Hot, like a basketball player ONFIRE
House vote broadcaster CSPAN
How some paleo diet foods are consumed RAW
Hydromassage locale SPA
In a few minutes or so SOON
Incur charges from shots RUNATAB
Indoor sunbather PETCAT
Insignificant amount TAD
Institutions found in this puzzle's circled squares SCHOOLS
Journalist Jacob RIIS
Language from which 'sofa' is derived ARABIC
Last word spoken by Romeo and Juliet DIE
Lets the tears flow WEEPS
Like 24-hour pharmacies OPEN
Like desolate landscapes BARREN
Like many games available for play at the Internet Archive RETRO
Like one showing moxie BRAVE
Like Tom Waits's voice RASPY
Meat appetizer on a stick SATAY
Metal for an alchemist LEAD
Microorganism's hairlike organelles CILIA
Mutual ___ (community-powered form of assistance) AID
Mysterious and scary EERIE
Nasty MEAN
Needle with insults TEASE
Network providing fantasy football updates ESPN
Observatory discovery of 1930, or an animated pooch created in 1930 PLUTO
Onboard distress call SOS
One having bed time during the day? BEE
One who may be far from campus while distance-learning, spelled out in the first letters of this puzzle's theme answers STUDENT
Ones assigning stars RATERS
Pale violet shade LILAC
Paradise for 115 Down EDEN
Parks depicted in a sculpture at the National Statuary Hall ROSA
Part of a robe SLEEVE
Peaceful and quiet SERENE
Posse member Wyatt EARP
Put on a show, say ENTERTAIN
Python pro's field, briefly TECH
Ready to breed, as a thoroughbred ATSTUD
Remaining at home Stayingin
RN's body piercings? IVS
Seeing red IRATE
Show joy in a show, say EMOTE
Show somebody? TVIDOL
Sinuous sea creature EEL
SoCal publication that puts on the annual Festival of Books LATIMES
Soup with dashi stock MISO
Sources of sass BRATS
Specialty for Lil Uzi Vert RAP
Start to become furious GETMAD
Sweeten the deal? BET
Taste ___ BUD
Theater districts RIALTOS
They may be examined on slides BACTERIA
Tint, as an Easter egg DYE
Translation of 20 Across from 69 Down GOD
Typed (in) KEYED
Verb in many a chemistry lab manual STIR
Wade's 1973 opponent ROE
Wander (about) GAD
Whimper like a kitten MEWL
Wind-up toys? YOYOS
Window shade BLIND
With 'the,' slang description of one's parents OLDS
___ freak (cleanly sort) NEAT
___ Penh, Cambodia PHNOM