Universal - Mar 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"Be like ___!" THAT
"Bonjour" relative SALUT
"Gross!" EWW
"Insecure" Emmy nominee Rae ISSA
"Oh, su-u-ure!" IBET
"Understood" ISEE
"Understood," to a beatnik IMHIP
Actor Morales ESAI
Altoids containers TINS
Antsy feeling UNEASE
Beloved DEAR
Car sticker letters MSRP
Certain craft brew, informally IPA
Charming, as a smile WINSOME
Cherry Starburst's color RED
College Park sch UMD
Commit a hockey infraction ICETHEPUCK
Contract before marriage, informally PRENUP
Creepy look LEER
Detroit-to-Cleveland dir ESE
Dream sleep initials REM
Environmental prefix ECO
Evidence of skidding TIREMARK
Extinct bird DODO
Fancy hotel facility SPA
Fishing rod attachment REEL
Former humor magazine MAD
Gave a heads-up WARNED
Give ___ whirl ITA
Group's spirit MORALE
Gunk on a pond SCUM
Had pitas with hummus, say ATE
Harmful competition RACETOTHEBOTTOM
It rises from a pipe SMOKE
Large wine orders CASES
Lead actress in "The Dark Angel" MERLEOBERON
Like the tortoise, vis-a-vis the hare SLOWER
Clues Answers
Literary girl in Paris and Moscow ELOISE
Loses firmness SAGS
Merriment MIRTH
Metal holders? ORES
Net-touching serve LET
Nouveau-Mexique or Dakota du Nord ETAT
Numbered rd RTE
Of earlier vintage OLDER
One may sublet RENTER
Org. at JFK TSA
Penn of "Designated Survivor" KAL
Person experiencing memory loss AMNESIAC
Personal question? WHO
Pigeon tail? TOED
Pithy sayings ADAGES
Prenatal nourishment source PLACENTA
Preschoolers TOTS
Prestigious British address? SIR
Received top billing (in) STARRED
Sends a text, briefly IMS
Setup for a smash, maybe LOB
Short work with arias OPERETTA
Shrimp relative PRAWN
Skin used for some traditional Native American clothing COWHIDE
Small excerpt SNIPPET
Sturdy tree ELM
Subj. with opportunity costs ECON
Testy mood SNIT
They often hang out at garage sales TAGS
Those with Ph.D.s from MIT, say ALUMS
Transport vehicle SEMI
TV schedule divisions: Abbr HRS
Water source TAP
Where to find many small cones RETINA
With 62-Across, Shakespeare play with the characters found at the ends of 17-, 19- and 36-Across AMIDSUMMER
Ziti and others PASTAS
___ and haws HEMS