New York Times - Mar 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'All in the Family' mother EDITH
'Goodness gracious!' OHME
'Let everyone else get some steak before taking seconds!' YOUVEHADYOURFILET
'My treat next time!' IOWEYA
'Pearls Before ___' (comic strip) SWINE
'Phooey!' DRAT
'We should stall!' LETSMAKEADELAY
'What have we here!' OHO
'Yes, that's clear' ICANSEE
2013 Tony winner for Best Revival of a Musical PIPPIN
Actress Patricia of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' NEAL
Additional OTHER
American ___ (century plant) ALOE
Antacid brand MAALOX
Appear SEEM
At 10 or 11 p.m., say LATISH
Back in the U.S.S.? AFT
Bathroom door sign GENTS
Bathroom fixture that one never asked for? UNSOLICITEDBIDET
Believer in Jah RASTA
Best-selling book of all time BIBLE
Bob hopes? APPLES
Book fair organizer, maybe, in brief PTA
Bovine disease MADCOW
Bread for dipping SOP
Brief summary APERCU
Button clicked to see the rest of an article MORE
Campsite org KOA
Certain elite school IVY
Cheese sometimes paired with fig jam BRIE
Command to a dog SIT
Comparatively neat NIFTIER
Create an account? LIE
Diamond stat RBI
Egyptian god of the afterlife OSIRIS
Enemy in the game Doom DEMON
Eponymous member of the Ford family EDSEL
Eyeball creepily LEERAT
Fancy flooring for an R.V.? TRAILERPARQUET
Fictional establishment selling Duff Beer MOES
Fills to the max SATES
First mate? EVE
Firth person? SCOT
Food service industry lobby, for short NRA
Foreshadow BODE
Forms of some mythological sea creatures OCTOPI
Garment worn with a choli SARI
Gaudy jewelry BLING
Get down and dirty, in dialect RASSLE
Get the attention of GRAB
Goes nowhere, say IDLES
Golden ratio symbol PHI
Grammy-winning singer Cash ROSANNE
Grand Central info ETA
Handle a job satisfactorily CUTIT
Heavies THUGS
Home of Etihad Airways: Abbr UAE
Hoops grp NBA
Initial problem for a storied duckling UGLINESS
Isaac and Rebekah's firstborn ESAU
Italian car since 1907 LANCIA
Japanese 'energy healing' REIKI
Jessica of 'L.A.'s Finest' ALBA
Johnson & Johnson skin care brand AVEENO
Jupiter, exempli gratia DEUS
Knocked in a pocket, in pool SANK
Lead-in to pilot AUTO
Clues Answers
Lemon bar ingredient ZEST
Less certain IFFIER
Like many characters in Alison Bechdel cartoons LESBIAN
Like universal blood recipients TYPEAB
Llama's head? ELS
Long-stemmed mushroom ENOKI
Longtime procedural set in Washington, D.C NCIS
Lucky charm AMULET
Lucky charm MOJO
Make a goat BLAME
Male swan COB
Man's nickname that sounds like consecutive letters of the alphabet ABIE
Many a maid of honor, informally BFF
Marvel group led by Hercules GODSQUAD
Mate BRO
Mixed martial arts great Anderson SILVA
Moniker after a lifestyle change NEWME
Most cheerful PERKIEST
Navigation app WAZE
Nintendo release of 2006 WII
Nod off at a self-serve restaurant? SLEEPINTHEBUFFET
Not included EXTRA
Not out, say ONBASE
One layer of a seven-layer dip SALSA
Opposite of neat ONICE
Option for an overnight guest AIRBED
Org. to which Taft was elected president after serving as U.S. president ABA
Part of lifeguard training CPR
Phone, wallet, ___ (traveler's mental checklist) KEYS
Piece with a title like '10 Best Places to ...' LISTICLE
Plague BESET
Played obnoxiously loudly BLARED
Put away EATEN
Recolor DYE
Requirement MUST
Requirements for witnesses OATHS
SAT section eliminated by the College Board in 2021 ESSAY
Sculptor with a dedicated museum in Philadelphia RODIN
Set (on) BENT
Show runner EMCEE
Showers attention (on) DOTES
Sister-in-law of Prince William PIPPA
Slow (down) BOG
Something Pharaoh's dream foretold in Genesis FAMINE
Sooner, informally OKIE
Stick on AFFIX
Sticks in a box? CRAYONS
Style of women's leather handbags HOBO
Subject of the Iran-contra affair ARMSDEAL
Surreptitious bit of communication WINK
Target of the heckle 'What game are you watching?!' REF
Their heads get dirty MOPS
Throw out EJECT
Tissue that's prone to tearing, for short ACL
Trinket BAUBLE
Turn into BECOME
Typos for exclamation marks if you fail to hit Shift ONES
Unable to think clearly ADDLED
What a hiree should be brought up to SPEED
What the prestigious ice sculptor had? COLDHARDCACHET
Why no one hangs out in actors' dressing rooms these days? BACKSTAGEPASSE
Word in obituaries WAS
Word with holy or heating OIL
[Turn the page] OVER
___ monkey RHESUS
___ salt (magnesium sulfate) EPSOM
___ strategy EXIT
___ the line TOE