The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,475 - Mar 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'The Tragical History of Dr --' (Christopher Marlowe) FAUSTUS
-- Barracks, ruined fortification south of Kingussie in Highland Scotland RUTHVEN
1928 novel by Evelyn Waugh DECLINEANDFALL
1945 classic romantic film starring Trevor Howard BRIEFENCOUNTER
Alternative spelling for a thin filled pancake BLINTZE
Anwar --, 1918-81, Egyptian president from 1970 to 1981 SADAT
City in South Africa besieged during the Boer War LADYSMITH
Claudio --, 1933-2014, Italian conductor ABBADO
Currently being applied INUSE
Cypriot capital NICOSIA
Evergreen shrub with red or white flowers OLEANDER
Genus of sharks in tropical and temperate seas RHINCODON
Giuseppe --, 1805-72, Italian patriot and political leader MAZZINI
Heart stimulant CARDIAC
Clues Answers
Oppressive person, thing or influence INCUBUS
Port east of Banff in north-east Scotland MACDUFF
Port in eastern Mozambique BEIRA
Prince from one of the former Indian states MAHARAJA
Ruminant's fourth stomach ABOMASUM
Series of stakes used as a defensive measure in a morass or river ESTACADE
Shadow of observer on a bank of cloud BROCKENSPECTRE
St John's wort genus of plants HYPERICUM
Strong alcoholic spirit, especially brandy AQUAVITAE
Take out of place of burial EXHUME
Theory of reality or single entity MONISM
Title given to Queen Victoria in 1876 EMPRESSOFINDIA
Volcanic island in Bay of Naples ISCHIA
Yellowish, bluish or colourless precious stone TOPAZ