- Mar 20 2021

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Clues Answers
''I was born __ very early age'': Groucho ATA
''I'm not sharing!'' ITSMINE
''Ouverture'' follower ACTE
Big bumbler APE
Breaking the host's bowl, for example PARTYFOUL
Bully boss OGRE
Butcher's skill FILLETING
Buttercream artist ICER
Cajun cuisine staple SHRIMP
Call on for cash HITUP
Certain tripod topper SLR
College town near Akron KENT
Container Store stack LIDS
Defiant position AKIMBO
Design, with ''out'' SPEC
Dirt around a cooler OFFICEGOSSIP
Dollywood group YALL
Ethos CODE
Fiesta fare TACO
Fighting figure since the '60s GIJOE
Fire up GOAD
Foot warmer brand UGGS
Foul line ICK
Get over things SOAR
Hard seltzer category ALCOPOP
Insider speaking ARGOT
IRS' __ tax credit SOLAR
It depends on oral interpretation THEUN
Keep fixed, in more ways than one RIVET
Leather belt not worn STROP
Made a thing of the past BACKDATED
Message board of a sort OUIJA
Million-dollar pairings ELS
Misleading appearance GUISE
More than a couple TENS
Name associated with polonium MARIE
Clues Answers
New York neighbor QUEBEC
Nickname for a Genesis patriarch namesake IKE
Nonprofit seller of ''future voter''' t-shirts ACLU
Not a long range ATOB
Online lesson plan resource org NEA
Orchestration abbreviation STR
Ostentation RITZ
Pairing pro WINECRITIC
Permanently, presumably ININK
Photoprotective pigment MELANIN
Pole position, e.g EDGE
Possible park prohibition NOPETS
Ramen bowl add-in ENOKI
Reading aid LAMP
Relatively arid area BARRENS
Rib tickler WIT
Ride a lot TAUNT
Scrooge, to Dewey or Louie GREATUNCLE
Show dazzlement GAPE
Smoke director FLUE
Soft rock TALC
Some horns ALTOS
Soulmate, for short BFF
Start to fix TRANS
Start to fix PRE
Stir up in one's mind EVOKE
Sway in the sand, perhaps HULA
Takes down totally RAZES
The Minutemen, familiarly UMASS
Topping UPON
Undiscounted RETAIL
Verdi Society members OPERAFANS
Warm up quickly NUKE
Way, way back LONGAGO
White pet cited by Aristotle MALTESE
Word seen on Monterey County maps SUR