- May 7 2010

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Clues Answers
''Nothing but net'' sound SWISH
''Peter Pan ''pooch NANA
''Silas Marner ''author ELIOT
1st-century emperor NERO
Adverse ILL
Almost not HARDLY
Astound FLOOR
Astronaut Jemison MAE
Avid about something INTOIT
Bellicose Greek god ARES
Butler, for Gable ROLE
Capabilities SKILLS
Casual attire TOGS
Coin of the realm SPECIE
Collar stiffeners STAYS
County of Hawaii MAUI
Cuban leader CASTRO
Doctor's prescription, maybe REST
Doing the same old thing INARUT
Economist Greenspan ALAN
Elaborate food layout SPREAD
Elk cousin MOOSE
Emulate APE
Exact retribution for AVENGE
First person in Potsdam ICH
Float part ICECREAM
Games partner FUN
Gets ready for more battles REARMS
Grace ender AMEN
Guile ART
Hankering URGE
Hook's helper SMEE
Humpty Dumpty-like ROLYPOLY
It means ''billionth'' NANO
Kind of carriage LANDAU
Kind of Japanese poem TANKA
Clues Answers
Laundromat fodder WASH
Laundromat fodder LOADS
Legendary treasure site ELDORADO
Like '60s fashions MOD
Like vinegar SOUR
Long locks MANE
Look lovingly GAZE
Make a connection TIE
Mil. decoration DSC
Norwegian royal name OLAV
Offend the nose REEK
Part 2 of quote YOURSTOMACHIN
Place of refuge ASYLUM
Play for a patsy USE
Procrastinator's promise SOON
Roaming type NOMAD
Safecracker YEGG
School-zone sign word SLO
Social blunders GAFFES
Sports venue ARENA
Stand-up comic Wanda SYKES
Start of a Burt Reynolds quote on retirement YOUCANONLYHOLD
State of matter GAS
Supt.'s responsibility BLDG
Third point, in tennis FORTY
Transitioned smoothly SEGUED
Trivial matter NONISSUE
Twin brother of Artemis APOLLO
Up and about ASTIR
URL ender COM
Vegan's staple SOY
Wall Street wheeler-dealer ARB
Was more than misleading LIED
Well-worn OLD
Young man SONNY
__ burger (64 Across lunch) TARO