Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 20 2021

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Clues Answers
''Has seen Kelly'' (music hall song) ANYONE
Awareness of a stimulus, such as heat or pain SENSATION
Bedtime drink COCOA
Breaking violently into pieces SMASHING
Bring water to 100 Celsius BOIL
Came to be aware REALISED
Curled or wound round COILED
Dispersed or strewn about SCATTERED
Enthusiastically EAGERLY
Far off in place or time REMOTE
Fertile place in a desert OASIS
Funeral procession CORTEGE
Giant imaginary creatures MONSTERS
Give extra importance to EMPHASISE
Group of suburban houses or industrial units ESTATE
Incidents, happenings EVENTS
Indicate choice in an election VOTE
Clues Answers
Is present in the world EXISTS
It entitles the bearer to enter TICKET
It hardens when mixed with water CEMENT
Money coming in INCOME
More than enough PLENTY
Moveable barriers for Bill GATES
Not the ones already mentioned OTHERS
Number of related things coming one after another SERIES
Person appointed to either liquidate or preserve assets RECEIVER
Raised platform ROSTRUM
Remove weapons from DISARM
Sea-shores COASTS
Small-scale representation MODEL
Space within a building ROOM
Spatter with liquid SPLASH
Spicy pepper sauce TABASCO
Suffer from lack of food STARVE
Uses needle and thread SEWS