New York Times - Mar 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'Euphoria' channel HNOTHINGNOTHINGBO
'His Master's Voice' co RCA
'Life of Pi' director LEE
'The little woman who wrote the book that started this great war,' as Lincoln supposedly said ISPY
'Well played!' NICEONE
'___ but a scratch' (Monty Python quote) TIS
1950s prez IKE
Alumni divs YRS
Awkward radio silence DEADAIR
Bagel topping SCHMEAR
Beyond clean STERILE
Blvds STS
Bone-chilling RNOTHINGAW
Brain-enhancing device used by Professor X CEREBRO
Certain still-life figures EWERS
Close relative, briefly SNOTHINGIB
Consume, with 'of' PARTAKE
Cousin of a club BLT
Daisy Mae's man, in old comics ABNER
Dance featuring jerky arm movements THEROBOT
Delectable TASTY
Derek Walcott's 'Omeros,' for one EPIC
Eleven plus two and twelve plus one, e.g ANAGRAMNOTHINGNOTHINGS
Exultant cry IWON
Father of, in Arabic ABNOTHINGU
Feeling in the room VIBE
French 101 verb ETNOTHINGRE
Grp. that sends you a card for your 50th birthday AARP
Ice cream container TUNOTHINGB
Illusionist Geller ORGO
In favor of PNOTHINGRO
Inject (with) IMBUE
It's south of Leb ISR
Kind of wrench ALLEN
Lightly box SPAR
Like Santa after entering a house, perhaps SOOTY
Like the function f(x) = x^3 CUBIC
Clues Answers
Naval jails BRIGS
Notoriously difficult chem class STOWE
Opportunity for a service break ADOUT
Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, etc ERAS
Part two of a three-step bottle instruction RINSE
Popular hot sauce SRIRACHA
Prefix with tourist ECO
Reddish-brown RUNOTHINGST
Renaissance artist Albrecht DURER
Runaway ROUT
Salk and Pepper, in brief DRS
Scrappy-___ (cartoon dog) DOO
See 33-Across NOTHING
See 33-Across ABOUT
Shortening, for short ABBR
Sixth U.S. president vis-à-vis the second, e.g UNOTHINGPS
Soldier of Sauron ORNOTHINGC
Some toy batteries AAS
Steak ___ DIANE
Suffix with cyclo- TRON
Suppositions IFNOTHINGS
The spinners? PRFIRM
Triage team member MEDIC
Type of animal fat SUET
Ukr. and Lith., once SSRS
Up to now SOFAR
Was brought back out for airing RNOTHINGUT
What one is known for, informally REP
Wheel track NEST
With 39- and 44-Across, dramatic work depicted in this puzzle's grid MUCHADO
Word used in place of 'chapter' in 'A Christmas Carol' STAVE
___ and leaves RERAN
___ Love, Utah's first Black congressperson MIA
___-weekly ALT