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Clues Answers
"Be quiet!" SHH
"By the power vested — ..." INME
"Elizabeth" star Blanchett CATE
"Grand" liqueur brand MARNIER
"I wonder ..." HMMM
"Life of Pi" director Lee ANG
"Lucky" pilot LINDY
"Son of —!" AGUN
"Va-va- —!" VOOM
"— Towers" (telly sitcom) FAWLTY
1099 fig SSN
1940 drama based on a Steinbeck novel THEGRAPESOFWRATH
1947 romantic comedy co-starring Claudette Colbert THEEGGANDI
1950s Ford EDSEL
1970 Godfrey Cambridge comedy WATERMELONMAN
1984 horror film based on a Stephen King story CHILDRENOFTHECORN
1987 film about a Vietnam War battle HAMBURGERHILL
1988 coming-of-age film co-starring Julia Roberts MYSTICPIZZA
1999 Jason Biggs comedy AMERICANPIE
2004-09 Showtime drama, with "The" LWORD
2006 Jack Black comedy NACHOLIBRE
2008 Seth Rogen comedy PINEAPPLEEXPRESS
Acid — (cause of heartburn) REFLUX
Actor Cariou LEN
Addressee of a New Testament Epistle GALATIAN
Airborne toy KITE
Alan who played Pierce ALDA
Alias lead-in AKA
Andrew Carnegie's corp USSTEEL
Animal skins PELTS
Architect I.M. — PEI
Attempts something HASAGO
Attire GARB
Bawled WEPT
Be injurious DOHARM
Become indistinct BLUR
Bed for Baby CRIB
Bed size TWIN
Big ball of energy SUN
Botany or history lead-in ETHNO
Brian of rock ENO
Buccaneer's topper PIRATEHAT
Cellular stuff DNA
Cheyenne's state: Abbr WYO
Common lawn grass ZOYSIA
Computer since 1998 IMAC
Cougar PUMA
Cute, in slang ADORBS
Decide to play for pay GOPRO
Declaration upon delivery of an item ITSHERE
Descartes of philosophy RENE
Devour EAT
Discoloration STAIN
Divisor, e.g OPERAND
Divulge LETON
Dr.'s field MED
Dual radio designation AMFM
Early baby PREMIE
Eclectic fusion MASHUP
Electric resistance OHMAGE
Element name ending IUM
Ellipse part ARC
Endemic to FROM
Eternally, in verse EER
Expert at increasing profits RAINMAKER
Falsehood LIE
Fed's interest increase, e.g RATEHIKE
Fisher who played Leia CARRIE
Five doubled TEN
Fly apart BURST
Clues Answers
Former miler Sebastian COE
French painter Dufy RAOUL
Fruity wine drink SANGRIA
Give a massage to RUB
Gloom-filled MOROSE
Glossy finish ENAMEL
Grace under pressure POISE
Gymnastics floor covering MAT
Health resort SPA
Hoped-for altar reply IDO
How soda is often sold INACAN
Impelled URGED
Invasive PC programs SPYWARE
Jazz singer Jones NORAH
Kind of port for a PC USB
Lamb's cry BAA
Like sandals TOELESS
List abbr ETAL
Live wire DYNAMO
Major Norse god ODIN
Manhattan sch NYU
Mnemonic for rainbow colors ROYGBIV
Mocking irony SARCASM
Mosque chief IMAM
Muscles worked by doing squats GLUTEI
New Haven school YALE
New York college near Hyde Park VASSAR
Not fooled by ONTO
Not injurious SAFE
Novel NEW
Observers EYERS
Occupy, as a hotel STAYAT
On — with APAR
One making others laugh AMUSER
Ones planning city partitions ZONERS
Opposite of vertical: Abbr HOR
Org. rating films MPAA
Part of the plan INONIT
Pas' partners MAS
Pipe mouth INTAKE
Poker great Ungar STU
Possible reply to "Are you?" IAM
Probability ODDS
Psi preceder CHI
Puck-pushers' org NHL
Reveal one's inner self OPENUP
Ripped into TORNAT
Roman 1,095 MXCV
Roofing straw THATCH
Schoolbook TEXT
Self-assured CONFIDENT
Siouan tribe member OTO
Soviet prison camp GULAG
Sponsored part of a magazine ADPAGE
Squirrel nosh ACORN
Stannite, say TINORE
Start-up loan org SBA
That, to Alejandra ESA
To be, in Toulouse ETRE
Toll hwy TPKE
Train lines: Abbr RRS
Trash-talk DIS
Tri- tripled NONA
Unprocessed RAW
Upstate New York prison ATTICA
— -Kit (face reconstructor) IDENTI
— artery (aorta offshoot) ILIAC
— Lanka SRI