Universal - Mar 17 2021

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Clues Answers
"Beat it!" SHOO
"Blondie" boy ELMO
"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"Faster!" HURRY
"Got it" ISEE
"Here," in obedience school COME
"I" problem? EGO
"This is bad!" OHNO
"___, vidi, vici" VENI
Acknowledge ADMIT
Act in someone's ___ STEAD
Appear to be SEEM
Auction offering LOT
Back in time AGO
Basil-based sauce PESTO
Beer name COORS
Big time? ERA
Blunted blade EPEE
Bone-dry ARID
Book deal maker AGENT
Bucks' partners DOES
Business taxed separately from its ownership CCORPORATION
Cabinet dept. concerned with farming AGR
Candy's color source, perhaps DYE
Carrot, e.g ROOT
Computer operator USER
Confident solver's tool PEN
Creamy Italian dish often made with mushrooms RISOTTO
Decree EDICT
Designer's concern DECOR
Excitingly fast-paced SLAMBANG
Fishy health supplement CODLIVEROIL
Give a speech ORATE
Glimmer of an idea INKLING
Go on and on, with "on" DRONE
Goes down, like the sun SETS
Hand-played drum BONGO
Clues Answers
Hideouts LAIRS
High-pitched REEDY
Hog's home STY
Hoops grp NBA
Hwys RDS
Inapt answer for 1-Across END
Information unit BYTE
Intertwine ENLACE
Like a small garage ONECAR
Like some committees ADHOC
Liver or kidney ORGAN
Make a little shorter TRIM
Muslim pilgrimage destination MECCA
Nickel isn't the main one in a nickel METAL
Noh drama nation JAPAN
One may know you're solving a crossword right now PSYCHIC
One might wear a kilt SCOT
People who celebrate St. Patrick's Day IRISH
Places to go for the gold MINES
Printing woes BLOTS
Push forcefully THRUST
Rear beef cut RUMP
Reduces to bits, as potatoes RICES
Resolve, as details IRONOUT
Restless desire ITCH
Sensitive ID SSN
Sharing rearing COPARENTING
Slangy response to a relatable tweet ITME
Sought help from TURNEDTO
South ___ (Gangnam District's country) KOREA
Structural safety standards, and what the starts of 20-, 36- and 43-Across are doing? BUILDINGCODE
The "one" in a one-two punch JAB
V-shaped cut NOTCH
Vegetarian protein source TOFU
Walk like a crab SIDLE
Where trapeze artists may meet MIDAIR
Wikipedia page contents, for short INFO
Word before "car" or "dealer" ART