The Sun - Two Speed - Mar 17 2021

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Clues Answers
80s musical CHESS
A lemon is strangely sweet SEMOLINA
Agitated UN tried to meddle INTRUDE
Ancient AGED
Calm Charlie in tartan PLACID
Carte du jour MENU
Chestnut's golden glow? AUBURN
Conservative in late spoiled striking effect ECLAT
Country lake and peninsula LIBERIA
Decree a Rodin should be renovated ORDAIN
Diversity RANGE
Don't lose quiet shyness PRESERVE
Dorm companion ROOMMATE
English firm wasted monies: time to do this! ECONOMISE
Enter uninvited INTRUDE
Even-tempered PLACID
Flowers happy one fed with exotic oil GLADIOLI
Football team ELEVEN
Gloomy duo upset Romeo DOUR
Go without food STARVE
Goal AIM
Insect that bites Mr Ure? MIDGE
Keep safe PRESERVE
Letter being one of two? ROOMMATE
List from Gentlemen Ushers MENU
Clues Answers
Mature answer good by news boss AGED
Naval vessel DESTROYER
Players finally arrive at Scottish loch ELEVEN
Poem ODE
Post from directors welcoming student pair? BOLLARD
Predestine ORDAIN
Prepare to shoot excellent Frenchman AIM
Reddish brown AUBURN
Reverberate loudly THUNDER
Rumblings below after those horrid starters THUNDER
Seaman can be this clever ABLE
See dry rot crippled warship DESTROYER
Showy splendour ECLAT
Singer's asset managed by vacuous Geordie? RANGE
Skilled ABLE
Staff grabbing rupees fast STARVE
Sullen DOUR
Sword lilies GLADIOLI
The mating game? CHESS
Tiny fly MIDGE
Traffic restriction device BOLLARD
Verse in Ariosto delights ODE
West African nation LIBERIA
Wheat-based pudding SEMOLINA
Worker to snoop around butler's domain PANTRY