New York Times - May 5 2010

Clues Answers
'Baby Baby' singer, 1991 AMGRANT
'Cool!' NEATO
'Don't worry about me' IMOK
'Golly!' MOHM
'I'm ___!' ('Can do!') ONIT
1966 Mary Martin musical IDOIDO
1976 Eric Carmen hit ALLBYMSELF
Actor Mike MERS
All there SANE
Ancient city that lent its name to a fig SMRNA
Ancient Greek sculptor of athletes MRON
Ate up, so to speak ENJOYED
Bellicose deity ARES
Brand name in the kitchen AMANA
Brass or woodwind: Abbr. INSTR
Brickyard 400 entrant RACER
Carbon 14 and uranium 235 ISOTOPES
Chinese menu notation NOMSG
Comparison word THAN
Copycat's cry METOO
Courtroom antics, e.g. THEATRICS
Creamy beverage NOG
Criteria: Abbr. STDS
Eagle's claw TALON
Endows (with) VESTS
Esau's descendants' land EDOM
Ex-lib, maybe NEOCON
Explorer John and actress Charlotte RAES
Fleet elite ADMIRALS
Former German president Johannes RAU
Fourth book of the Book of Mormon ENOS
Game maker since 1972 ATARI
Good-humored JOVIAL
Hard to combine, chemically INERT
Hogwash TRIPE
Homeric sorceress CIRCE
Japan, to the U.S., once BITTERENEM
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Clues Answers
Made bearable EASED
Makes a cat's-paw of USES
More than desire NEED
Old Connecticut whaling town MSTIC
One who's 'toast' GONER
One with yellow ribbons, maybe ARMMOM
Oral vaccine developer SABIN
Part of una casa SALA
Place for une île MER
Popular social networking site, and this puzzle's theme MSPACE
Pre-A.D. BCE
Pulitzer-winning author Robert ___ Butler OLEN
Sandwich man? EARL
Science for farmers AGRONOM
See 1-Across KAYE
See 50-Down MOE
Shark on some menus MAKO
Sizzling sound SSS
Sleek, in car talk AERO
Snowy peak of song OLDSMOKEY
Some cameras, for short SLRS
Start of a rumor report IHEAR
Subtitle of 1978's 'Damien' OMENII
Suit to ___ ATEE
Sushi-rolling accessories MATS
Take for ___ (hoodwink) ARIDE
That you should feed a cold and starve a fever, and others MTHS
Thing to do on Yom Kippur ATONE
Thomas Hardy's '___ Little Ironies' LIFES
Tool for a duel EPEE
Use weasel words HEDGE
Views that reality is a unitary whole MONISMS
Was indisposed AILED
Wintour of fashion ANNA
With 6-Down, 1994 Olympic gold medalist in downhill skiing TOMM
With 69-Across, 1930s-'50s bandleader SAMM
Word with family or fruit TREE
___ Martin (cognac brand) REM