- Mar 14 2021

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Clues Answers
''Cats'' inspiration's monogram TSE
''Fiddlers'' king of rhyme COLE
''I swear . . .'' BYGOSH
''Orchestra'' ending TION
''Outta here!'' SHOO
''Spare me'' text TMI
551, in the Forum DLI
A bundle of nerves TENSE
ABC morning show GMA
Adversary FOE
Aesthetic skill ART
Anacin alternative BAYER
Any sacrament RITE
Argentine author Jorge Luis __ BORGES
Arrives leisurely ROLLSIN
Artist's workshop ATELIER
Author Silverstein SHEL
Be an omen of BODE
Box top LID
BP gas brand AMOCO
By authority of PER
Calf's dad BULL
Caravan conveyance CAMEL
Casual tops TEES
Certain orchard specimen MANGOTREE
Chuck wagon fare CHOW
Combines, as resources POOLS
Comparative suffix IOR
Court jargon LEGALESE
Cross-country runner HARRIER
Crusty desserts PIES
Current fashion RAGE
Dalai Lama, e.g HOLYMAN
Dark period NIGHT
Developer's measure ACRE
Discussion-ending phrase ISAIDSO
Do laps horizontally SWIM
Dressing-down workday: Abbr FRI
Emulatory intro ALA
Extra help for high schoolers SATPREP
Eyes unsubtly OGLES
Fam. member REL
Female rabbit DOE
Fibber's admission ILIED
Film caper HEIST
First African-American woman in Congress SHIRLEYCHISHOLM
Fitness facilities SPAS
Flowing slowly OOZY
Giggly sound TEHEE
Give an address ORATE
Giving up via contract WAIVING
Goldfish appendages FINS
Good for hydration THIRSTQUENCHING
Half-__ (latte order) CAF
Happened upon MET
High bond rating AAA
Hunky guys ADONISES
Hunter in the sky ORION
Indoor courtyards ATRIA
Innocent one BABE
Jacob's twin ESAU
Japanese assent HAI
Knocked over in wonder AWED
Lacking punch BLAH
Lamentable time SADDAY
Laser-pointer battery AAAA
Liverpudlian, e.g BRIT
Long-beaked parrot MACAW
Clues Answers
Louisville river OHIO
McCourt memoir TIS
MD's brain test EEG
Mellowed AGED
Metallic money COIN
Mideast language group SEMITIC
Narrow candle TAPER
Native Kuwaiti ARAB
Native New Yorker SENECA
Nectar collector HONEYBEE
Nestling's noise CHEEP
Nodded off SLEPT
Nondairy dessert brand TOFUTTI
November honoree VETERAN
Old Testament prophet MICAH
One on a security staff GUARD
Peace of mind EASE
Peaceful and happy HALCYON
Pediatric specialty CHILDPSYCHIATRY
Perform OK CUTIT
Physicist's accelerator IONGUN
Poetic muse ERATO
Prefix in seismology EPI
Presenting, as a prize AWARDING
Prominent period ERA
Quaint plaint FIE
Quixote, for instance QUESTER
Russian grandma BABUSHKA
Scratch or dent FLAW
Scratch up MAR
See 100 Down TEA
Self-denying ASCETIC
Shakespearean nickname THEBARD
Shakespearean surname CAPULET
Shoestring LACE
Shoppe descriptor OLDE
Sound of satisfaction AAH
Spot for a tot KNEE
Starting from ASOF
Stylist's supply HAIRGEL
Subordinate staff AIDES
Tankard filler ALE
Tell-__ (some bios) ALLS
Temporarily FORNOW
Texter's preface IMHO
Thick-__ shoes SOLED
Thin and strong WIRY
Tooth material ENAMEL
Touchy subject SORESPOT
Turn back the clock, say RESET
Turn pages into PDFs DIGITIZE
Turn to pulp MASH
Turn topsy-turvy UPEND
UFO crew ETS
Unexpected bargain FIND
Urban rtes STS
Vane turner WIND
Web auctioneer EBAY
What the longest answers have in common HIHI
Where to find Luzon and Mindanao PHILIPPINEARCHIPELAGO
With 70 Across, spicy brew CHAI
With fervor HOTLY
Work at busily PLY
Worthless material DROSS
Wyoming natives ARAPAHOS
Year-end season NOEL
__ only (not really) INNAME
__-mo video SLO