New York Times - Mar 14 2021

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Clues Answers
'Gotcha' OHISEE
'It's co-o-old!' BRRR
'Mountain of God,' in Exodus HOREB
'Them's the breaks!' TOOBAD
'Yellow Flicker Beat' singer, 2014 LORDE
'___ From Muskogee' (Merle Haggard hit) OKIE
'___ fun!' SUCH
'___ Lisa' MONA
1960s style MOD
Abbr. at the end of a planner DEC
Actress Perez ROSIE
Ambient musician Brian ENO
Apt surname for a hot dog vendor? WEINER
Architectural innovation jokingly predicted by 101-Across in 1982 GRAFFITIPROOFBUILDING
Baseball's 'Big Papi' ORTIZ
Big part of the S&P 500 TECH
Bit of bait WORM
Blues ensemble? THESMURFS
Brush brand ORALB
Butler played by Gable RHETT
Cartoon speech bubble, often OVAL
Cartoonist Dave famous for 'The Lighter Side of ...' BERG
Classic board game derived from pachisi SORRY
Comedian Wong ALI
Command+Y, on a Mac REDO
Cosmetics brand with 'Face anything' ads OLAY
Crew's control? OAR
Direct RUN
Droll WRY
Droop SAG
Early smartphone model TREO
Egg holders SACS
Either spy to the other in 'Spy vs. Spy' ENEMY
Eponym of an M.L.B. hitting award AARON
Ex-QB football analyst Tony ROMO
Exposed to high heat, in a way SEARED
Feature of a Care Bear's belly BADGE
Fender product, for short STRAT
Finding it funny AMUSED
Fire ___ ALARM
Gave out ISSUED
Glow, in a way FLUORESCE
Gobbles up EATS
God of love AMOR
Goes down EBBS
Goofy images, perhaps? CELS
Grooming tool jokingly predicted by 101-Across in 1979 THREEBLADERAZOR
Gutter nuisance in cold climates ICEDAM
Gym array MATS
Hammer out, say FORGE
Hazard on an Arctic voyage FLOE
High toss LOB
Hire calling? JOBINTERVIEW
His face overlooks Havana's Plaza de la Revolución CHE
How anatomy charts are drawn INDETAIL
Intensity of color CHROMA
It might come in a yard glass ALE
It's greener the higher it is, for short MPG
Italian lager PERONI
Its coat of arms features a marlin and flamingo, with 'the' BAHAMAS
Jellied British delicacy EEL
Kitchen brand whose name becomes an animal after adding a 't' OCELO
Language not traditionally written with spaces between words LAO
Like Bach's first two 'Brandenburg' Concertos INF
Like dice, shapewise CUBICAL
Like slapstick comedies INANE
Like some rights and engineers CIVIL
Clues Answers
Longtime name in cinemas LOEWS
Mace, for one SPICE
Manual readers USERS
Midnight trip to the fridge, say RAID
Mormon church, for short LDS
Most sinewy WIRIEST
Move stealthily SIDLE
Music genre for Carmen Miranda SAMBA
Narrow inlet FIRTH
Nominee's place BALLOT
Not as scarce AMPLER
Off the mark WIDE
Old N.Y.C. subway inits IRT
Oodles LOTS
Oodles SCADS
Org. concerned with performance rights ASCAP
Painter Paul KLEE
Performer's showcase SOLO
Peter the Great and others TSARS
Phil of 'Dr. Phil' MCGRAW
Pioneer in 35mm cameras LEICA
Place to order a cassoulet BISTRO
Porters, e.g BREWS
Principles TENETS
Prop in a Shakespeare tragedy ASP
Ragamuffin WAIF
Ransacks LOOTS
Refurbish FIXUP
Russian assembly DUMA
Satirical cartoonist, born 3/13/1921, known for dreaming up ridiculous inventions ... or are they? ALJAFFEEOFMADMAGAZINE
See 67-Across ANNUM
Shake off ELUDE
Since ASOF
Slices easily (through) KNIFES
Some rappers MCS
Some sports car options TTOPS
Square thing MEAL
Stampede member in 'The Lion King' GNU
Sticky stuff GOO
Sting, e.g PUTUPJOB
Substance that helps a spaceship's fuel burn OXIDIZER
Suet alternative LARD
Super-duper ACES
Survivalist's stockpile CANS
Sweet bread BRIOCHE
Swizzle STIR
Taters SPUDS
Telephone feature jokingly predicted by 101-Across in 1961 AUTOMATICREDIAL
Therefore HENCE
They're not known for neatness STIES
Toss in a chip, maybe ANTE
Treadmill settings SPEEDS
Type of headsail JIB
Ump's call SAFE
When the president may make a pitch SEASONOPENER
Whirled around SPUN
Windows forerunner MSDOS
Winter sport jokingly predicted by 101-Across in 1965 SNOWBOARDING
Wish list items WANTS
With 20-Across, yearly PER
Word connecting two last names NEE
Word connecting two place names VIA
Word repeated before 'again' TRY
Writing aid jokingly predicted by 101-Across in 1967 SPELLCHECKER
Year-round Phoenix hrs MST
___ block CINDER
___ diavolo (in a peppery tomato sauce) FRA
___ of Man ISLE
___ Sea, whose eastern basin has become a desert ARAL