Universal - Mar 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"Burn After Reading" co-director ETHANCOEN
"Just to clarify ... " IMEAN
"Kids ___ days ..." THESE
"No ifs, ___ or buts!" ANDS
"No Scrubs" girl group TLC
Adjective for a shoppe OLDE
Artist's inspiration MUSE
Bases' opposites, in chemistry ACIDS
Bathroom, to Londoners LOO
Birds that are too heavy to fly EMUS
Bit of eye cream DAB
Buildup on some old Tonka trucks RUST
Carves in glass ETCHES
Celebrity with a huge following IDOL
Certain batteries AAS
Chain of Japanese restaurants in Ottawa's country? MISOCANADA
Classic cow name BOSSY
Cleaner in a bucket MOP
Clumsy sorts OAFS
Construction site hoist CRANE
Corn castoffs COBS
Day-___ paint GLO
Defib pro EMT
Doesn't get an F PASSES
Feel rotten AIL
Flow slowly OOZE
Fortune's partner FAME
Garfield's dog pal ODIE
Go ballistic SNAP
Graffiti signatures TAGS
In former days ONCE
Informal turndown NAH
Island nation near Tunisia MALTA
Kia subcompact RIO
Laryngitis doc ENT
Latin genre featuring congas SALSAMUSIC
Lazy person IDLER
Like a dirty fireplace ASHY
Clues Answers
Like some Andean artifacts INCAN
Lip balm stat, perhaps SPF
Livens (up) PEPS
Longing for B.B. King's performances? MISSINGTHEBLUES
Luau garland LEI
May honorees, informally MAMAS
Mongolian tent YURT
Most populous Nordic country SWEDEN
Mournful cry WAIL
No. on a college transcript GPA
North Pole assistant ELF
Note before la SOL
One may behave childishly ADULT
One-eyed Norse god ODIN
Opens, as a hood POPS
Orbiters with tails COMETS
Parentheses' shapes ARCS
Pasta with slanted ends PENNE
Peeved SORE
Perched upon ATOP
Place to order a croissant CAFE
Plant that soothes burns ALOE
Rick who sang "Never Gonna Give You Up" ASTLEY
Skin woe treated by Retin-A ACNE
Skirt that covers the knees MIDI
Solo for Lisette Oropesa ARIA
Speedy bird ROADRUNNER
Squidward's neighbor SPONGEBOB
Stereotypical techie NERD
Strong suit FORTE
They surround the roots of teeth GUMS
Tightfisted surgery aide? MISERNURSE
Tirades RANTS
Toddler's break NAP
VSCO uploads, slangily PICS
Word that can precede or follow "dish" SOAP
Workplace antics? MISCHIEFOFSTAFF
World's largest rain forest AMAZON