Wall Street Journal - Mar 13 2021 - I See Right Through You

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Clues Answers
“Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae JEPSEN
“Chain Gang” singer Cooke SAM
“Futurama” spaceship captain LEELA
“Golden Boy” playwright ODETS
“In the Magic Mirror” painter KLEE
“Invasion had come to the town of ___” (opening words of a 1944 novel) ADANO
“Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters” writer Nancy PELOSI
“Someone Like You” singer ADELE
“Take a shot!” GOFORIT
“You wish!” DREAMON
“___ been real!” ITS
1958 Pulitzer winner James AGEE
Account that might earn interest TALE
Adversary FOE
Altiplano animals LLAMAS
Amanda Gorman and others POETS
Anesthetize DEADEN
Arbitrary order FIAT
Away from shore ASEA
Baseball T sleeve style RAGLAN
Battery component ANODE
Big media agcy UPI
Blows away AMAZES
Board supporter SAWHORSE
Brings down REDUCES
Busy business on St. Patrick’s Day IRISHPUB
Carnival rides LINERS
Cedar Rapids college COE
Certain something AURA
Chopsticks source PIANO
Clairvoyants SEERS
Conspicuous INEVIDENCE
Corn unit EAR
Course number PAR
Court feat ACE
Cross bearer, perhaps SPIRE
Cry from the defeated UNCLE
Cry of dismay ACK
Cupid figure in a painting AMORETTO
Dahl of 1954’s “Bengal Brigade” ARLENE
Dark times in the ad biz NITES
Deep cuts GASHES
Desperate transmission SOS
Destructive crime ARSON
Detail map, often INSET
Dine after dark SUP
Division of the Brunei dollar SEN
Do some macramé TIEAKNOT
Eclipse participant SUN
Eclipses BESTS
Either side of a leaf PAGE
Escalation RISE
Exactly right SPOTON
Extend an invitation to ASK
Field marshal? REF
Florist’s bunches SPRAYS
Foxtrot preceder ECHO
Functions ROLES
Gas, e.g STATE
German luxury auto, informally MERC
Gluttony, e.g SIN
Graynor of “I’m Dying Up Here” ARI
Gymnast Hernandez LAURIE
Hard stuff BOOZE
Hardy title character TESS
Have a go TRY
Have a hunch FEEL
He succeeded Claudius NERO
Hex- halved TRI
Clues Answers
Historian’s focus ERA
Hoo-ha ADO
Houston sch RICEU
In accordance with PER
In ___ (stuck) ARUT
Iridescent gem OPAL
It consists of Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka ORIONSBELT
Item in a picnic cooler ICEPACK
Kathmandu crowd NEPALIS
Less ridiculous SANER
Maestro Toscanini ARTURO
Mandlikova of tennis HANA
Matching SAME
Material for un sculpteur? GALLICSTONE
Meddling while carving some ancient inscriptions? RUNICINTERFERENCE
Milk carton marking ONEPINT
Moody music EMO
Nantes negation NON
Ninth-century king of Wessex EGBERT
O’Rourke from El Paso BETO
Objective NEUTRAL
Obsessed mariner AHAB
One of those people who play with their food? ANTICEATER
Outstanding amount DEBT
Party hat designer? CONICARTIST
Petition ENTREAT
Philosopher Simone WEIL
Pineal or pituitary GLAND
Porcupine or prairie dog RODENT
Print measures ENS
Profoundly bad EVIL
Public perception of an event, politically OPTICS
Railroad porters REDCAPS
Responsibility ONUS
Robber’s demand HANDSUP
Romantic promise IDO
Room on a Vulcan starship? LOGICCABIN
Routine NORMAL
Saturn’s largest moon TITAN
Second-largest country CANADA
Sister of Marcia and Cindy Brady JAN
Spy novel writer Deighton LEN
Square root of nueve TRES
Squelched SATON
Staggering AREEL
Steady drone HUM
Stock holder? PASTURE
Stockholm-based carrier SAS
Stripling LAD
Subject discussed on “Today,” say? TOPICOFTHEMORNING
Surname of an animated skunk LEPEW
Sweethearts DEARIES
Tear, e.g DROPLET
The Emerald Isle ERIN
The X-Men, e.g MUTANTS
They’re on staff NOTES
Trellis piece LATH
Tubular instrument OBOE
Unfamiliar, perhaps NEW
Unqualified TOTAL
Usher, at times SEATER
Vaccine trial component PLACEBO
Vectors’ counterparts SCALARS
Wasn’t caught by ELUDED
Wild org NHL
Window cover made from transparent plastic? IRONICCURTAIN
Yet, to Yeats EEN