Universal - Mar 12 2021

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Clues Answers
"Me too!" SOAMI
"Very cool!" AWESOME
"We ___ to please" AIM
'90s optical illusion fad MAGICEYE
5 + 5 = 10, for instance SUM
Acquire GET
Actor Diggs TAYE
Allow to borrow LEND
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
Arctic shipping hazard ICEBERG
Balances (out) EVENS
Barber's quick job TRIM
Be of use AVAIL
Beautyrest mattress maker SIMMONS
Bleat BAA
Boring thing? BIT
Boston college EMERSON
Builder's sign on a vacant lot? HOMECOMING
Cajole COAX
Carnival attraction RIDE
Chain letters? DNA
Cheer in Spain OLE
Cheese in a ball EDAM
Classic video game company ATARI
Clickable image ICON
Coffee dispensers URNS
Country known for rug weaving IRAN
Creole vegetable OKRA
Cupid, to the Greeks EROS
Deadly snakes COBRAS
Divination deck TAROT
Dove call COO
Earl Grey, say TEA
Egg cell OVUM
Essential acid variety AMINO
Fed. workplace watchdog OSHA
Flow that may be 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit LAVA
Fly high SOAR
Clues Answers
Food that a chef might skewer KEBAB
Freeway entrance RAMP
Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Group with family ties? THEMOB
Gutter site EAVE
Is victorious WINS
Kid's query CANI
Kit ___ (breakable candy) KAT
Latin lover's line TEAMO
Like pigs in a blanket? SNUG
Little bit of land ISLE
Make tracks in the snow SKI
Modernizes UPDATES
Monster such as Shrek OGRE
Nurse, like a piglet SUCKLE
Overhaul REDO
Perfect choice for a body double, perhaps TWIN
Peter or Paul, but not Mary APOSTLE
Political group focused on supplying schools with building toys? BLOCKPARTY
Qatar's capital DOHA
Rental company that used the slogan "We Try Harder" AVIS
Sack lunch holder PAPERBAG
Sandwich also called a grinder HERO
Say yes to APPROVE
School lunch holders TRAYS
Sharp barks YIPS
Small bathroom fixture? BABYSHOWER
Some PTA members MOMS
Some run between Olympic races ADS
Split personalities? EXES
Sport where everyone dresses like a catcher? MASKEDBALL
Stands the test of time LASTS
Step in a flight STAIR
Strung along LEDON
Terminates ENDS
Unlikely to brag MODEST
___ a hoot (cared) GAVE