- Mar 12 2021

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Clues Answers
''All Access'' streamer CBS
''Jerry Maguire'' Oscar winner CUBAGOODINGJR
''Old'' reliable PRO
A as in Argentina UNA
Amalgamated ONE
Ancient Andean INCA
Antony's egg OVUM
Average guy DOW
Aversion indicator ANTI
Big name in game-show history MARKGOODSON
Bit from a smoke detector ION
Blond race of sci-fi ELOI
Certain flannelwear PJS
Chaotic scene RIOT
Chaotic scene ZOO
Closest star SOL
Combatant circa 1900 BOER
Comics cry of distress YOW
Comics cry of distress ACK
Common space saver ETC
Confidentiality contract: Abbr NDA
Crucifix letters INRI
Decline in zip SAG
Designer Lagerfeld KARL
Despotic inspiration for Napoleon NERO
Disney Polynesian toon MOANA
Driving-home result RBI
Former ''Sunday Morning'' host CHARLESOSGOOD
From, in some names VON
Galileo, nativity-wise PISAN
Global expanses SEAS
Grille protector BRA
Hayek's artist role KAHLO
Hubby portrayer in ''Roseanne'' JOHNGOODMAN
Huge, powerful thing BEHEMOTH
Israel's first UN delegate EBAN
It might be a stretch LIMO
Let pass OKED
Clues Answers
Mall merchant's rental KIOSK
Many a school of design student ARTMAJOR
Many M&Ms REDS
Metropolitan URBAN
Moniker like Chrissie TINA
More than may be ARE
Musical Hall of fame DARYL
NASA outdoor excursion EVA
Network in L.A., NY, etc STS
Old Roman rebuke ETTU
On or about INRE
OPEC member with seven members UAE
Opera vantage point BOX
Opposite of ''sans'' AVEC
Part of UNESCO's address ORG
Pasternak heroine LARA
Phillippe's pate TETE
Practice advocate AMA
Pungent root RADISH
Racer of Greek myth ATALANTA
School of thought ISM
Scratchy voice RASP
Sean __ Lennon ONO
Shimmery stones OPALS
Something extraordinary DOOZY
Starting slowly EASINGIN
Survey question AGE
Symbolic hugs OOO
System starter ECO
Take without permission ANNEX
Telephonic trio MNO
Time-consuming LONG
Tiny trickster IMP
Unfortunate SAD
UPS day trip RTE
View from Cannes MER
Vulcanization inventor CHARLESGOODYEAR
What to expect from a horror film SHOCKS
Wintry white, in brand names SNO