New York Times - Mar 11 2021

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Clues Answers
'%$#*' and '@#&!' OATHS
'Got it!' AHA
'I have seen ___. I have seen ___ on land and sea. ... I hate ___.': F.D.R WAR
'Jacked' SWOLE
'Now I ___ me ...' LAY
1940 Arthur Koestler novel set during the Moscow Trials DARKNESSATONEPM
Abbr. in many an urban address APT
Accepts accountability for OWNS
Actress Remini LEAH
Added assessments SURTAXES
Any ghost, to Pac-Man ENEMY
Author Wiesel ELIE
Barrel-___ AGED
Big public radio letters after 'W' NYC
Biscuit relatives TEACAKES
Bookworms, maybe NERDS
Buzz in a rocket ALDRIN
Changes, as a 6-Down RESETS
Conditional keyword for a programmer ELSE
Contents of un río AGUA
Crow native to the Midwest SHERYL
Dense, spinning celestial body PULSAR
Discontinue CEASE
Disregard OMIT
Drink served hot or cold SAKE
Evening affair SOIREE
Function yielding 0 when applied to pi SINE
Hit the ___ ROOF
Homeland of James Joyce EIRE
Hosp. administrations IVS
In yoga, one point of a triangle formed in triangle pose HIP
In yoga, one side of a triangle formed in triangle pose ARM
Intentionally hurt SPITE
It gets you close to home TRIPLE
Jack ___, co-founder and longtime C.E.O. of Twitter DORSEY
Kerfuffle FUSS
Like most books offered on USED
Clues Answers
Longhaired herder SHEEPDOG
Noise from a fan WHIR
Noise from a fan OLE
Not around AWAY
Observe daylight saving time, in a way ... as in 17-, 29- and 54-Across? SPRINGFORWARD
Olympic women's gymnastics powerhouse USA
Org. in Showtime's 'Homeland' CIA
Org. with lots of inspectors OSHA
Overdue OWED
Put on the line AIRDRY
Quibble NIT
Randomizer DIE
Red state IRE
Repair shop offering LOANER
Safari runner, at times IOS
Scramble MADRUSH
Shelter HAVEN
Signs of something moving? TEARS
Smartphone alternative to a fingerprint scan PASSCODE
Something lacking staying power FAD
Soup served with chopsticks PHO
South Asian living abroad DESI
Still in stock UNSOLD
Symbol for a timeout TEE
The Bulldogs of the N.C.A.A UGA
Title with a tilde SAO
Trauma professional, for short EMT
Types in ENTERS
Weakness in an argument HOLE
What might come with a flat fee LEASE
Wherewithal MEANS
Woman's name that's also a city in France NANCY
Word with fine or found ART
Young one in the Hundred Acre Wood ROO