Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 27 2021

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Clues Answers
"Act now!" DOIT
"Damn Yankees" vamp LOLA
"Got it" ISEE
"Guinness Book" suffix EST
"Norma —" RAE
"Scram!" SHOO
"The Bathers" painter RENOIR
"The Office" character PAM
Approximately ORSO
Asta's mistress NORA
Away from NNW SSE
Calendar abbr FRI
Cardinal cap letters STL
Casual shirt POLO
Cold War initials USSR
Conflict-ending negotiations PEACETALKS
Dallas sch SMU
Devious SLY
Excellent SUPERB
First person ADAM
Flag creator ROSS
Flamenco cheer OLE
Flightless birds EMUS
Get bigger GROW
Golf prop TEE
Gore and Pacino ALS
Heated debate WAROFWORDS
Inseparable ONE
iPhone download APP
Kiev's land (Abbr.) UKR
Low cards DEUCES
Madhouses ZOOS
Clues Answers
Microwaves ZAPS
Milky gem OPAL
Muscat's land OMAN
Nashville venue OPRY
Netting MESH
Norm (Abbr.) STD
Opener at Vegas? LAS
Palliative plants ALOES
Prepared potatoes PEELED
Quartet doubled OCTET
Regrettably ALAS
Rights advocacy org ACLU
Ritzy POSH
Ruby or Sandra DEE
Sail support MAST
Scruff NAPE
Sediment LEES
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Sports figure? STAT
Standard PAR
Swiss artist Paul KLEE
Troublesome car LEMON
Turned bad SOURED
Ultramodernist NEO
Utah ski resort ALTA
Wild parties BLASTS
Wildebeests GNUS
Will Smith biopic ALI
Young foxes KITS
— Hashanah ROSH