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Clues Answers
"Bam!" KAPOW
"It seems to me," online IMO
"Lose Yourself" rapper EMINEM
"Me? Never!" NOTI
"Mice" or "lice," but not "rice" PLURAL
"Neon" fish TETRA
"Remington —" STEELE
"You Gotta Be" singer of 1994 DESREE
"— Dinka Doo" (Jimmy Durante tune) INKA
108-card game UNO
A flirtatious look THEEYE
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Actor Montgomery CLIFT
Actress McNichol or Swanson KRISTY
Al — (a bit firm) DENTE
Always, to bards EER
Around a line of symmetry AXIAL
Attach ADDON
Bach's "—, Joy of Man's Desiring" JESU
Bible's first words (apt for this puzzle's theme) INTHEBEGINNING
Bichon — (white dog) FRISE
Birds sitting on clutches HENS
Birds-and-bees class SEXED
Blast stuff TNT
Bleating females EWES
Blowout, e.g SALE
Bowler, informally KEGLER
Bridal gown features TRAINS
Cakes of cornbread PONES
Camera item for a long or short view ZOOMLENS
Candy in collectible dispensers PEZ
Celebratory event for a rollout LAUNCHPARTY
Church area APSE
City in Arizona or Mexico NOGALES
Clumsy sorts APES
Conical-bore woodwind OBOE
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Cutting noise SNIP
Cyber-addresses URLS
Down Under dweller AUSSIE
Downhiller's headwear SKIMASK
Element #8 OXYGEN
Everybody, in Essen ALLE
Fall lawn tool RAKE
Fashion designer Phillip — LIM
Fills with freight LADES
Flow out EMANATE
French buds AMIS
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Gala after a presidential oath INAUGURATIONBALL
GI's "Uh-uh!" NOSIR
GPS display MAP
GPS display: Abbr RTE
Graduation address deliverer COMMENCEMENTSPEAKER
Grain towers SILOS
Grant entry to ADMIT
Green gem JADE
Had to have NEEDED
Hammer's striking end PEEN
Holders of emergency supplies GOBAGS
Horse color pattern ROAN
Hosiery flaw SNAG
Inclined land SLOPE
Indy units LAPS
Irish actor Stephen REA
Island home of Odysseus ITHACA
It turns a computer on STARTBUTTON
Join forces ALLY
Just between us ENTRENOUS
Clues Answers
Keyless, musically ATONAL
Kidney-related RENAL
Knife features EDGES
Koi, e.g CARP
Lawyer Melvin called "The King of Torts" BELLI
Least cloudy SUNNIEST
Lion features MANES
Look for prey, as a lion PROWL
Love, in Italy AMORE
Many a Netflix show SERIES
Many short plays ONEACTERS
Mediocre SOSO
Membership ceremony INITIATIONRITUAL
Mexican beach resort CANCUN
Minis, midis and maxis SKIRTS
Moon-landing program APOLLO
Moral failure SIN
Move in circles ROTATE
Musical insensitivity TINEAR
Name shared by 12 popes PIUS
Natural ability GIFT
Not stricken UNHIT
One of the Bush twins JENNA
One of the four seasons AUTUMN
Owing money INDEBT
Perfume by Dana TABU
Phony: Prefix PSEUD
Prefix with directional OMNI
Prohibit BAN
Puccini work OPERA
Purring pet CAT
Quadrillionth: Prefix FEMTO
Quarterback great Dan MARINO
Radical sort ULTRA
Rx writer DOC
Safe securers LOCKS
Saintly HOLY
Sapporo sash OBI
Says "yes" to OKS
Schooner fill ALE
Sets for viewing TVS
Shoe lifts HEELTAPS
Signal "yes" NOD
Since Hector was — APUP
Singer Cara IRENE
Singer/rapper Green CEELO
Slip away ELAPSE
Smallish sofa SETTEE
Speedy plane JET
Starts to remove a jacket, say UNZIPS
Stick together COHERE
Stitch's cartoon friend LILO
Stream in the title of 1957's Best Picture RIVERKWAI
Swung tool AXE
Tetley competitor NESTEA
They appear before a film's first scene OPENINGCREDITS
Trendy HIP
University of Wyoming's city LARAMIE
Viewed to be DEEMED
Vintage auto REO
Wildly excited MANIC
Women with babies on the way MOMSTOBE
— -Z (total) ATO
— Cruces LAS
— de Janeiro RIO
— epic scale ONAN
— Moines DES
— or two (on occasion) ATIME