The Washington Post - Mar 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'ABC' group, with 'The' JACKSONFIVE
'Breaking Bad' agent NARC
'It's __ to you' ALLUP
'Not for me' PASS
Agree to more issues RENEW
Any of 11 1860s states SECEDER
Art class subject NUDE
Bat wood ASH
Bench press target, for short PEC
Big name in fairy tales GRIMM
Blue shade SKY
Bobby who lost to Billie Jean King in tennis' 'Battle of the Sexes' RIGGS
Chemical bonding number VALENCE
Closes the marital deal SAYSIDO
Comic strip cry ACK
Compulsive thief, for short KLEPTO
Designer fragrance CKONE
Excessively TOO
Extremely OHSO
Federal URL ending GOV
Given a meal FED
Gold unit OUNCE
Grenoble's river ISERE
Heat unit THERM
Highway through Whitehorse ALCAN
Hot state IRE
Is sporting HASON
Lago filler AGUA
Left on a liner PORT
Makes things slippery, in a way SLEETS
Makeshift knives SHIVS
Metaphor for a mess STY
Mischief HIJINKS
Momentous victories EPICWINS
More minute TINIER
New Haven Ivy YALE
Clues Answers
Non opposite OUI
Ophthalmologist, for short EYEDOC
Ordinarily ASARULE
Outdoor home NEST
Outer: Prefix ECT
Part-plant DC Comics superhero SWAMPTHING
Peacock, e.g PREENER
Pioneer's wagon with an upward-curved floor CONESTOGA
Place near the Pennsylvania Railroad STJAMES
Place to unwind SPA
Popular side SLAW
Prefix with comic SERIO
Prepared for a TV interview MIKED
Prime meridian std GST
Printemps month MAI
Reliever's asset ARM
Retirement income source ANNUITY
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Senior's highlight PROM
Shout from the main mast SHIPAHOY
Sign up, in Sussex ENROL
Sitcom planet ORK
Skirt, as an issue ... or a hint to the puzzle's circles DANCEAROUND
Slices in a pie, often OCTAD
Start to structure INFRA
Stream of insults, say ABUSE
Surrounded by AMONGST
Thoughts spoken onstage ASIDES
Tobogganed SLEDDED
USN clerk YEO
Weight loss guru JENNYCRAIG
Without a musical key ATONAL
Wound up costing RANTO
__-France ILEDE