The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,605 - Mar 9 2021

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Clues Answers
Admirer cheers to support popular princess INFANTA
Agent good for Bond smashing luge into pieces SUPERGLUE
Checked rising water level -- dredge in middle EDITED
Classy politician international socialist judged UMPIRED
Clerk one to provide assistance in swan-upping? PENPUSHER
Elizabeth dresses American in outfit BUSINESS
Entrance needs locks turned by soldiers without uniform ENAMOUR
First book stolen from dope makes grand NOBLE
Former barrister maybe killing time sees model EXEMPLAR
Lie with maid in spring, among forest creatures DEFLOWER
Man's excellent knowledge about bad weather in border region ALSACELORRAINE
Material from Web in plan approved to hold crowd back GOSSAMER
Mighty growth around Steppes originally a city OSAKA
Miserable husband initially under one choosing austerity SADHU
No gang of gunmen handled machine ONEARMEDBANDIT
Clues Answers
North country area includes very serene place NIRVANA
Pirate's prop to fix on stage? PEGLEG
Religious official sends note round university daily MUFTI
Renault changing gear NEUTRAL
Royal attendants bemoan banking eastern money RETINUE
Sacrifice and explosive combat at sea HECATOMB
Saint feeding cut flower before providing dish IRISHSTEW
Save artist given partially digested food, a fish BARRACUDA
Scolded, undergo assessment? BERATED
Ship on move suddenly reverses TRADER
Take in maid dancing tango ADMIT
Temperamental rodent keeps swishing tail VOLATILE
Times getting letters from Greek theologian ERASMUS
Vampire, firstly impaled, interred by priest LAMIA
Wild horse from Midlands city in reserve BRUMBY