New York Times - Mar 9 2021

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Clues Answers
'Back to the Future' bully BIFF
'Can't You See That ___ Mine' (1964 hit) SHES
'Couldn't have said it better!' AMEN
'Phooey!' DARN
'Pocket rockets,' in poker ACES
'Suits' network USA
'Super!' NEATO
'The Avengers' franchise, e.g SAGA
Adidas or Air Jordan SNEAKER
Antiquity YORE
Back muscles, in brief LATS
Car or cat sound PURR
Certain auto gear ... as suggested by the circled letters REVERSE
Chopped HEWED
Consumed quickly and fully ATEUP
Darling DEAR
Dog collar attachment LEASH
Domain of Venus and Aphrodite LOVE
Emerge, as a problem ARISE
Female equivalent of a knight DAME
Finished OVER
First lady of 2001 to '09 LAURABUSH
First son of Seth ENOS
Former transportation secretary Elaine CHAO
Hospital glove material LATEX
Host of Marco Polo KUBLAIKHAN
Irritate RILE
Joke (with) KID
Kind of test it's hard to cheat on ORAL
Like peas ___ pod INA
Like the 'f' replaced by an apostrophe in 'man-o'-war' ELIDED
Longtime 'All Things Considered' host Robert SIEGEL
Luck o' the ___ IRISH
Lucy of 'Elementary' LIU
Make certain ENSURE
Mo. with Earth Day APR
Mockumentary Kazakh journalist BORAT
Modern birthday greeting ECARD
Movie music SCORE
Clues Answers
National Capital Territory of India DELHI
One of a family of stringed instruments VIOL
Part of G.D.P GROSS
Passing, as laws ENACTING
Pill in experimental studies PLACEBO
Ponied up, in poker ANTED
Prefix with athlete TRI
Problem for sleepers APNEA
Raw, as a gem UNCUT
Repair MEND
Run-down hotels FLEABAGS
Sacred animal to Hindus COW
Shave PARE
Simon & Garfunkel hit in which 'Lie-la-lie, lie-la-lie la lie-la-lie' is repeatedly sung THEBOXER
Skier's conveyance TBAR
Smiled disparagingly SNEERED
Some gametes OVA
Sound of church bells PEAL
Spring dance PROM
Stuff in cigarettes TAR
Tacks on ADDS
Tested, as ore ASSAYED
The Eternal City, to natives ROMA
They often come out at night FALSETEETH
Transport down a hill SLED
Treats, as a swollen ankle ICES
Understand GET
Victorian ___ ERA
Was destined to fail HADNOHOPE
What every make of auto has NAME
What might hold little suckers? TENTACLE
Wickedness VICE
Wickedness EVIL
Words to an 'old chap' ISAY
___ and for all ONCE
___ Ashford, National Track and Field Hall of Famer EVELYN
___ Wednesday ASH
___ wolf (pack leader) ALPHA