The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,388 - Mar 9 2021

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Clues Answers
'I shall go first!' — little bossy woman oppressing Vlad, in a manner of speaking IDIOM
Attempt to discredit press cameraman — pigs! SMEARCAMPAIGN
Became less ragged after trim EASED
Blur faces but nothing otherwise OBFUSCATE
Bounder stealing note, one for the ladies ROMEO
Children about to pick up a small furry creature STOAT
County town near London, home to royalty WATERFORD
Enjoy one's job looking after Charlie — secure and trouble-free LIKECLOCKWORK
Excuses from sweetheart — and address for woman taking part EXEMPTS
Food that I arranged — not all of it turned up RAITA
Free school meal tiny? Rashford's first to get involved COMPLIMENTARY
Girl or boy, one's a bit of alright SONIA
Islanders unhappy deporting duke? Wait and see TAIWANESE
Isn't regularly on guard outside, one's deduced INFERENCE
Clues Answers
Kicks up fuss about energy-saving tariffs CREATES
Left and got picked up LEARNED
Managed to stop one director touching up another TARANTINO
Maybe roofer eating dates is not a great catch! TIDDLER
Number One hit about Scottish holiday spot — one providing haven for Paul originally TOPBANANA
Proposition earth mother prepared to embrace THEOREM
Pussy keeps heading for cream? I'm not sure SCEPTIC
Rate old Boris — and for Macron that's upsetting TEMPO
Reduced clergyman's department finally PARED
Right-wing faction helping ... for payment! CONSIDERATION
Set off crash dieting IGNITED
So gutted, having killed American — getting put away SCOFFED
Support post FOLLOWING
Tricked! Root in middle of house of ill repute! NOTORIOUS