USA Today - Apr 14 2021

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Clues Answers
#TBT day (Abbr.) THU
'I ___ a nap!' NEED
'Just Give ___ Reason' MEA
'She outplayed me' ILOST
'Silly me!' DOH
'The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl,' e.g TALE
'You been misled! You been ___! You been took!' HAD
'___ hoping!' HERES
Affirmative consent word YES
Averse to being filmed CAMERASHY
Barrel of beer KEG
Bethany Yellowtail, for the fashion line B.Yellowtail CEO
Business org CORP
Cause a stir MAKEWAVES
Clothing GARB
Comic Butcher RHEA
Container next to a cash register TIPJAR
Dairy product that may be extra sharp CHEDDARCHEESE
Destroy WRECK
Dish eaten with chapati DAL
Dish known as cap cai in Indonesia CHOPSUEY
Dot on an ocean map ISLE
Drag with effort HAUL
Early growers of potatoes INCAS
Edible bamboo part SHOOT
Empty stadium sounds ECHOES
Entice LURE
Eyelid bump STYE
Fiona Apple album that features 'Criminal' TIDAL
Fish that starts with two vowels EEL
Graceful bird SWAN
Green power sources SOLARCHARGERS
Guaranteed winners SUREBETS
Has a bowl of groundnut soup, say EATS
Help commit a crime ABET
Ingredient in gai pad med mamuang CASHEW
Ink wash painting, e.g ART
Kids' guessing game ISPY
Clues Answers
Kylo ___ REN
Letter before sigma RHO
Like a thick fog DENSE
Like chocolate truffles RICH
Like worn tires BALD
Mine yields ORES
Mixology station with a sink WETBAR
Oil grp OPEC
Org. for lawyers ABA
Parts of three-piece suits VESTS
Pet whose name comes from the Latin for 'little thief' FERRET
Plant-based sweetener STEVIA
Prefix in this clue PRE
Put into words SAY
Ramadan lasts for 29 or 30 DAYS
Really peeve RILE
Rental car company AVIS
Rude awakenings JOLTS
Saweetie genre RAP
Shrill barks YAPS
Slice of history ERA
Space Mountain feeling THRILL
Staircase unit STEP
The Windy City, for short CHI
Thoroughly enjoy SAVOR
Traditional linen holders CEDARCHESTS
Translation of 'estan' ARE
Vintage photo tone SEPIA
W-2, e.g FORM
Warthogs, to lions PREY
Was very loving DOTED
Won all the games SWEPT
Word after 'PET' or 'CAT' SCAN
Word before 'liftoff!' ONE
World Vegan Day mo NOV
___ and stones STICKS
___ out (solved) SUSSED
___ room (place to play) REC