The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,617 - Mar 8 2021

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Clues Answers
Approach a concert's chosen location? AVENUE
Article, at that time, on a Greek goddess ATHENA
Bearer of fruit to relieve badly off OLIVETREE
Best old radio receiver part installed in most of these THECATSWHISKERS
Cleaner, very French, where there's a Gothic cathedral CHARTRES
Clubs in correct order EDICT
Consumer after small women's knitted garment SWEATER
Disorient prisoner having to integrate CONFUSE
Galley: new timer about to be installed TRIREME
Hard hat accordingly put on SOLID
Having arrived in Cardiff, earl condemned famous university building RADCLIFFECAMERA
Historical object Roman Catholic priest locked inside RELIC
I agree to listen to judge HEARHEAR
Involuntary movement made by tense member of coven TWITCH
Clues Answers
Legendary knight's weapon, auction item LANCELOT
Mount charge again RUSHMORE
Move to stop explosive missile TRIDENT
Pawn ring put on by husband HOSTAGE
Perhaps Vespasian's mood heading off with enlisted men EMPEROR
Police officer given power within home precinct INSPECTOR
Prize method of learning involving group ROSETTE
Son cutting proper glass object PRISM
Still good, getting hold of Nadal's first service EVENSONG
Superintendent to check detailed roster sent over CURATOR
The Parisian, good sort, wasted chance LETOFF
Travel document and free ticket left PASSPORT
Walpole, say, in House, ahead of competition HORACE
Where one may see M. Caine performing? CINEMA