Wall Street Journal - Mar 8 2021 - Turning Colder

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Clues Answers
“Gunsmoke” setting DODGECITY
“Hamilton” highlight DUEL
“The best ___ to come” ISYET
“The King” ELVIS
“Would you look at that!” ILLBE
“You bet!” YES
2017 Tom Hanks thriller THECIRCLE
2020 candidate Buttigieg PETE
Affirmative vote AYE
Archipelago parts ISLES
Back down YIELD
Baseball’s Robinson CANO
Big bother ADO
Bird-based AVIAN
Brownish blemish LIVERSPOT
Bud on a spud EYE
Burden ONUS
Busy bunch DOERS
Calif. neighbor NEV
Command ORDER
Counterparts of cons PROS
Cowpoke’s workplace RANCH
Delicate fabric LACE
Designer Wang VERA
Did some stitching SEWED
Doctor’s Rx, for short SCRIP
Down SAD
Early hour ONE
Early hour THREE
Elevated verses ODES
Family adoptee PET
Father, in France PERE
Fencing sword FOIL
Fencing sword EPEE
File menu command SAVE
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
Flies high SOARS
Clues Answers
Freeze over, and a hint to a feature of 5-, 6-, 10-, 25- and 33-Down ICEUP
Fundamental truth PRINCIPLE
Greek X CHI
Has markers out OWES
Hawkish god ARES
High card ACE
History book topics WARS
Hoppy brew, for short IPA
Hosp. worker LPN
It includes the suburbs METROAREA
Join the cast ACT
King, in Cannes ROI
Kissing in the cafe, say, for short PDA
Like pastel colors MUTED
Mentioned earlier in the text ABOVECITED
Mimicked APED
New Zealand people MAORI
Nile snake ASP
Old marketplace AGORA
Oval Office occupant PRESIDENT
Packed like anchovies, maybe INOIL
Parade vehicle FLOAT
Pertaining to volume measurement CUBIC
Prepare for tomorrow PLAN
Problematic roommate SLOB
Quarter, for one COIN
Red-ink amount LOSS
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Rock concert blasters AMPS
Scuffle FRAY
Shrek’s love FIONA
Split apart violently RIVE
Super Soaker or Slinky, for example TOY
Tenochtitlan native AZTEC
They’re not in government positions PRIVATECITIZENS
Tooth part ROOT
Want badly CRAVE
Work with a libretto OPERA