Universal - Mar 7 2021

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Clues Answers
"A likely story!" IBET
"Absence makes the heart grow ___" FONDER
"Farewell, cher ami!" ADIEU
"I like my baby heir with baby hair and ___" (Beyonce) AFROS
"Lawrence of ___" ARABIA
"So that's the answer!" AHA
"You ain't lyin'!" ILLSAY
"___ on it!" ("Hurry!") STEP
2012 economic concern FISCALCLIFF
A long time ___ AGO
Add spice to ENLIVEN
Annual sled dog race IDITAROD
Apple tablets IPADS
Basic card game WAR
Be aware of SENSE
Because of this HENCE
Boot measurement WIDTH
Butterfly on your hand, e.g., briefly? TAT
Cattle catcher LASSO
Center of interest? SAVINGSBANK
Decrease LOWER
Denies responsibility for DISAVOWS
Drained of color PALE
Easter egg coloring DYE
Emperor during a Roman fire NERO
Erase electronically DELETE
Experienced hand PRO
Feel pangs ACHE
Fifth-century invader HUN
Fish often cooked with lemon juice SOLE
Foam dart brand NERF
Forestall, as a crisis AVERT
Giants great Manning ELI
Have a bite EAT
Inexpensive CHEAP
Intergalactic traveler ALIEN
Intergalactic vehicles UFOS
It's more than 90 million miles away SUN
J. ___ ("Middle Child" rapper) COLE
Clues Answers
Juliet's call OROMEO
Locality SITE
Longoria of "Desperate Housewives" EVA
Macron's "Done!" FINI
McDonald's franchisor Ray KROC
Med. network HMO
Memorable Senate testifier of 1991 ANITAHILL
Neighbor of Pakistan IRAN
Notable first impression SPLASH
Number before dos UNO
One in a high chair TOT
Online talk acronym TED
Out of bed RISEN
Outside of rush hour OFFPEAK
Padlock fastener HASP
Perseverance rover org NASA
Place for a seaweed wrap SPA
Plentiful AMPLE
Poses a question ASKS
Presents as fact POSITS
Pricey ... or one way to describe the ends of 18-, 23-, 35- and 50-Across? ABITSTEEP
Progressive spokesperson FLO
Publishing VIPs EDS
Push hard on a stubborn door, maybe USEFORCE
Quaint lodging BANDB
Squashed circle OVAL
Stick in ADD
Stick together TAPE
Texter's "As I see it ..." IMO
Thought up, as a phrase COINED
Threw in a chip ANTED
Tree fluid SAP
Vietnamese holiday TET
Warts and all ASIS
When some start swinging TEETIME
Wine residue SEDIMENT
Witherspoon of "Little Fires Everywhere" REESE
Word with "citric" or "nitric" ACID
___ Vegas LAS