The Washington Post - Mar 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'70s extremist gp SLA
'For honest men and bonie __': Burns LASSES
'Go team!' RAH
'Goodies' singer CIARA
'Happy birthday' writer, perhaps ICER
'I'll take what I can get,' in classifieds OBO
'Laugh-In' segment SKIT
'Malcolm X' (1992) director LEE
'Melrose Place' complex GARDENAPARTMENT
'Phooey!' BAH
'The A-Team' actor MRT
'The Waste Land' monogram TSE
'Westworld' airer HBO
Accomplishment FEAT
Altar avowal IDO
America's most popular dogs in 2017 BALLPARKFRANKS
Ancient region of central Italy ETRURIA
AOL alternative MSN
Archaeological site RUINS
Artist who created fashion designs for Schiaparelli DALI
Assignations TRYSTS
Bad looks SNEERS
Bar mitzvah staple HORA
Beauty chain with a salon inside each store ULTA
Beneficiary DONEE
Big blowout BASH
Big cat hybrid LIGER
Bit of statuary TORSO
Black gold OIL
Bunch of bills WAD
Cabinet mem SECY
California neighbor, familiarly BAJA
Caps, e.g HEADGEAR
Cartoonist Peter ARNO
Classical name of Troy ILION
Contractors' figs ESTS
Convened SAT
Coordinate MESH
Corporate alias abbr DBA
D.C. bigwig SEN
Damascus' land SYRIA
Derelict REMISS
Dickens' Mrs. Dilber and Andy Capp's wife Flo CHARWOMEN
Dirty money GRIFT
Dream, in Dijon REVE
Events with bulls and barrels RODEOS
Évian water EAU
Experienced, as fun HAD
Favor asker's lead-in WOULDYOUBEADEAR
Fervently wishes PRAYS
Feudal lords LIEGES
Fine, lightweight cloth BATISTE
Fins in registers ABES
First name in early TV DESI
Frau's partner HERR
Gasteyer of 'Mean Girls' ANA
GATT successor WTO
Genesis victim ABEL
Go-ahead ASSENT
Gobble (up) SNARF
Gothic architecture feature GABLE
Grade school presentation SHOWANDTELL
Hearing tube COCHLEA
Hebrew hello ... and goodbye SHALOM
Clues Answers
Here, to Henri ICI
Hit one in the trees, maybe SLICED
Include so other recipients don't know, briefly BCC
Introduction PROEM
It's 'gravy' to some Italian Americans SPAGHETTISAUCE
Lacks the courage to DARENT
Leb. neighbor ISR
Lena of 'Chocolat' OLIN
Like desert climates, comparatively DRIER
Like some pkgs PPD
Like the zone between two tropics TORRID
Ling of 'The Crow' BAI
Little newts EFTS
Long battles SIEGES
Long-distance traveler's concern JETLAG
Magazine with a lagomorph logo PLAYBOY
Many are mailed in VOTES
Mao's successor DENG
Mariner's measures SEAMILES
Martinique et Guadeloupe ILES
Mont Blanc's range THEALPS
Most frigid ICIEST
Munch Museum city OSLO
Network with regular pledge drives NPR
NFLers near centers LGS
Nissan sedan ALTIMA
No __: menu notice MSG
NY airport named for a mayor LGA
Obamacare, for short ACA
Off course AFIELD
Off the wall INSANE
Old-fashioned warning ALARUM
One of the Weasley twins FRED
Painful ACHING
Plato's 'tenth Muse' SAPPHO
Playground retort ISSO
Pleased sigh AAH
Preserved, in a way FROZE
Printers' primary colors CYANS
Publicity, slangily INK
Put inside ENCLOSE
Put on TV AIR
Quad building DORM
Real estate listing datum OFFERINGPRICE
Remains awhile STAYSON
Responsive to treatment CURABLE
Resting places in cases PILLOWS
Sampling the smorgasbord GRAZING
She, in Italy ESSA
Some Vulcans, via melds Mindreaders
Somme soul AME
Star Wars initials SDI
Stern with a bow ISAAC
Stick in one's craw RANKLE
Superhero garb CAPE
Tender spots SORES
Tiny queen ANT
Tropical Chinese tree LYCHEE
Tropical vines LIANAS
TV monitor FCC
Venus, at times EVENINGSTAR
Wells race ELOI
When tripled, song that begins, 'Oh, the weather outside is frightful' LETITSNOW
With passion AVIDLY
WNBA great Weatherspoon TERESA
Word after a drop OOPS
__Kosh B'gosh OSH