The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,096 - Feb 21 2021

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Clues Answers
Attractive thing, Latino's principal accent DRAWL
Awful, as words of those silenced? UNSPEAKABLE
Belittle record PUTDOWN
Cried -- like whales? BLUBBERED
Dancing, one kidnapped by band of criminals? CONGAING
Don't release Spirit in the Sky? BOTTLEUP
Eleven laces he knotted CHELSEA
Exercise component, boring thing DRILLBIT
Film review intact, I argued EDUCATINGRITA
Group in nightgear messed around GATHERING
Having broken hearts perhaps, leaders in board meeting capitulate SUBMIT
Howling animals, target of derision LAUGHINGSTOCK
Jerk found START
Language modulations adopted by staff CANTONESE
Clues Answers
Make-up collection in powder room writer, say, recalled GENEPOOL
Odd bits of garden decent in French city GRENOBLE
Pain contained by nurse, person at the back TAILENDER
Pictures a little basic in emails CINEMA
Plan for site PROPOSITION
Round button originally secured by tailor that's loose ORBITAL
Show runs into new scene SCREEN
Slam chicken or turkey in oven? ROAST
Something added to drink, note TONIC
Something for breakfast, a dead duck! TOAST
Stone, a hinged barrier AGATE
Violence in outskirts of Turkey, within which one getting a grip? THUGGERY
Where clothes may be packed if required INCASE
Writer, author and Hardy character POETESS