Universal - Mar 5 2021

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Clues Answers
"Get it?" SEE
"My deepest apologies" SOSORRY
"The Answer Is ..." memoirist Alex TREBEK
"What gall!" SOMENERVE
1992 Stacey Dash rom-com featuring a credit card con MOMONEY
Alaskan city on the Bering Sea NOME
Antagonist in "Coco" ERNESTO
Benedict's nickname, maybe NED
Bit of hope, metaphorically RAY
Coat, as with chocolate ENROBE
Combined, as assets POOLED
Come to a point TAPER
Common duck MALLARD
Container for gratuities TIPJAR
Daughter's sibling, perhaps SON
Day care enrollee TOT
Deeds list them OWNERS
Doneness option for a burger RARE
Donkey ASS
Dough dispensers ATMS
Drill instructor's rank, often: Abbr SGT
E.R. employees RNS
Faith with Five Pillars ISLAM
Far from feral TAME
Frolicking marine mammals OTTERS
Got going STARTED
Groups that improvise songs JAMBANDS
Gucci of fashion fame ALDO
Hot and humid STEAMY
Illegally assist ABET
In the manner of ALA
Inquires ASKS
Jacuzzi product SPA
Jousting horses STEEDS
Khaki color TAN
Khloe, to Kim, informally SIS
Libertarians' 2020 presidential candidate JOJORGENSEN
Like a straight shooter NONONSENSE
Clues Answers
Long period of time EON
Looking down on ABOVE
Nativity scene figure JESUS
Need for catching butterflies NET
News anchor's hand-off line OVERTOYOU
Nuts in some pies PECANS
Peach stone PIT
Period of time ERA
Piece in a mosaic TILE
Put together, like an anthology COMPILE
Raw or burnt color SIENNA
Real comedian RIOT
Roach or rat PEST
Sci-fi collection first published in 1950 IROBOT
Scoring partner? COCOMPOSER
Signify DENOTE
Single-celled organism AMOEBA
Site of a University of Washington satellite campus TACOMA
Skin pic TAT
Small island CAY
Statues' midsections TORSOS
Stave off AVERT
Strong wine PORT
Suffuse IMBUE
Testing phase TRIALRUN
The ___ Moines Register DES
They become wind instruments when "f" is added LUTES
Toward the stern AFT
Trivia host's clue HINT
Tunneling insects ANTS
Unfortunate occurrence MISHAP
Unruly kid IMP
Use a needle and thread SEW
Wet dirt MUD
Word paired with "neither" NOR
Zellweger with two Oscars RENEE
___ Mahal TAJ
___ row (stretch in many a college town) FRAT