The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,612 - Mar 2 2021

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Clues Answers
A large island south of Borneo, primarily? BALI
Accommodate novelist LODGE
Annoyed thief on a boat losing power IRATE
Boast about fight CROW
Businessman's clubs? SUIT
Coped with next EU changes dismissing nothing not bargained for UNEXPECTED
English golfer, a lefty ENGELS
Every coach beginning to leave EACH
Exercise reduced in vain USELESS
Furtive fish goes between rocks SIDEWAYS
Gentle criminal a guard left GRADUAL
Grabbing grass under golf trolley's bottom GREEDY
Harry said soft fruit goes off DISAPPEARS
Having astronomical vision? STARGAZING
Hold cutting tool SCISSORS
Clues Answers
Latest Conservative: here today, gone tomorrow CONTEMPORARY
Loyal cadet died fighting DEDICATED
Manoeuvre train with sign of hesitation ENGINEER
One on the board is doing this in the main? SURFING
One trust supporting hospital department in full ENTIRELY
Ordinary exercises sailor's managing OPERATING
Platoon I ordered to protect most of bar's inhabitants POPULATION
Pointed looks start to distract cricket commentator? DAGGERS
Rue Andrew's tight thong, perhaps UNDERWEAR
Some climbing cedar -- it's generating angry harangue TIRADE
Stress about identification friend produces by mistake ACCIDENTALLY
Swelling -- not small -- daughter prodded URGED
Texan golfer occasionally could see this? EAGLE
This writer is turning out to be getting better IMPROVING
Venerable Roman emperor ignores us AUGUST