Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 3 2021

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Clues Answers
A name given to the FBI by barman taking ecstasy with Poles over time AGENTS
A part of the golf course cut short for society matches AGREES
A retweet from Juliet, a culture vulture ARTLOVER
A sinister developing projection by Spud at large in Clare TUBERCLE
A street sweeper ultimately with job taking in old, great river is predictably a harbinger of things to come ASTROLOGER
Advantages ignoring vast list of items AGENDA
Article on horse left in winter coat, for instance? Right, and a flyer depending on which way the wind is blowing HANGGLIDER
Be resentful of English ivy on the borders ENVY
Challenge Robin to leave boyfriend DEFY
Cider producers' gala for those in 24 across on bender APPLETREES
Come down the mountain with braking system and tell the tale in retrospect ABSEIL
Crafty type of hot drink outside SHIP
Created a sketch that's weird without single backtrack DREW
Describes the English language in a manner of speaking at independent college GERMANIC
Clues Answers
Detectives work out how to cross Swords DISAGREE
Get worked up over final quote from former partner EXCITE
Go into heal sick, devout type in study THEOLOGIAN
Is able to get this mostly from the corner of one's eyes CANTHI
Local plain vanilla is a dime a dozen? NORMAL
Mark produces cocktail without cola TICK
Most of those in 8 across find half the teachers in 25 across leave a dispute unsolved AGREETODISAGREE
Produced by crude types - an ecological disaster film about the ocean? OILSLICK
Provide instructions to law partner? ORDER
Recorder captures the Spanish orchestra - the first producing trademark material that's tight with its hooks and loops VELCRO
Set piece about California detectives living in a fantasy world ESCAPIST
Some extreme diary jottings from postmen - the types guarding the post? SENTRIES
Sounds like it's plain to see in The Cherry Orchard TREE
Such upset over a leggy bird from the garden centre - a relative of the Mallow Family HIBISCUS