- Mar 1 2021

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Clues Answers
''Fingers crossed'' HOPESO
''Wish you __ here'' WERE
Ace of hearts, for instance CARD
Any formal ceremony RITE
Army no-show, for short AWOL
Assignments for detectives CASES
Attack from all sides BESET
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Beasts of burden in a yoke OXEN
Black birds RAVENS
Book of fiction NOVEL
Cabbie's vehicle TAXI
Call a halt to STOP
Campfire residue ASH
Ceramic floor piece TILE
Changed the color of DYED
Cheer at a concert BRAVO
Chicken __ mein (Chinese food) CHOW
Clean and orderly NEAT
College Web-address ender EDU
Compass point opposite WNW ESE
Convertibles and coupes AUTOS
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Dice toss ROLL
Encountered MET
End of a kite TAIL
Establish as a fact PROVE
Every once in a while PERIODIC
Farmland measure ACRE
Feeling antsy TENSE
Flat French hat BERET
Garden of Eden woman EVE
Gator cousin CROC
Higher than OVER
Holder of peas POD
Inland waterway RIVER
Isn't truthful LIES
Lambs' mamas EWES
Lavish meals FEASTS
Clues Answers
Leisurely, as a speed SLOW
Long-and-narrow South American nation CHILE
Mail-drop opening SLOT
Make amends ATONE
Matured, as wine AGED
Meat-and-potatoes dinner STEW
Metal-bearing rocks ORES
Money back on a purchase REBATE
Musical work with sopranos OPERA
Narrow plank SLAT
Nest-egg acronym IRA
On the go ACTIVE
Once __ blue moon (rarely) INA
Out of town AWAY
Person using oars ROWER
Power sources with outdoor spinning blades WINDMILLS
Prehistoric lizards, for short DINOS
Pulled a trick on FOOLED
Puts on display SHOWS
Rant and __ (show anger) RAVE
Secondhand tires RETREADS
Servings of corn EARS
Spelling rule that ends ''except after C'' IBEFOREE
Spinning laundry appliances WASHINGMACHINES
Spinning rides with carved horses CAROUSELS
The Bard of __ (Shakespeare) AVON
Tire-filling machines PUMPS
Toward the rear of a boat AFT
Troublemaking child BRAT
Tug-of-war cord ROPE
TV network with an eye logo CBS
Voicemail signals BEEPS
Volcanic flow LAVA
When flights are due in: Abbr ETAS
Wipe from a blackboard ERASE
With no skill INEPT
Wizard's magic stick WAND
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN