The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'A League of Their Own' co-star GEENADAVIS
'Battlestar Galactica' theme song composer Phillips STU
'C'est la ___!' VIE
'Don't sweat it' NAH
'Inside voices!' HUSH
'Mo Bamba' rapper Sheck ___ WES
'Much ___ About Nothing' ADO
'My boy ...' SON
'Neighbors' actor Zac EFRON
'Please, I want to know!' DOTELL
'Pushing Daisies' actress Friel ANNA
'Quickly,' to 66 Across STAT
'Ready to go?' reply IMSET
'Stranger Things' actor McLaughlin CALEB
'The Fifer' painter MANET
'Wisdom' director Estevez EMILIO
'Woe is me!' feeling DESPAIR
'Your Next Bold Move' singer DiFranco ANI
2015 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Mark OMEARA
82 Across's state OHIO
Activist Jim whose Supreme Court case legalized same-sex marriage in America OBERGEFELL
Affirmative rebuttal YESITIS
ATM card no PIN
Attorney's letters ESQ
Baja California, e.g. (Toni Morrison) PENINSULA
Bathing setting TUB
Belief about the truth CREDENCE
Bike part with a fruit in its name (Émile Zola) BANANASEAT
Black, to a sonneteer EBON
Book with the line 'Let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation' PSALMS
Busy Ga. airport ATL
Capitale d'Italia ROMA
Changed slowly EVOLVED
Chevy cars that spell CARS when three letters are removed CAMAROS
Citizen of Kolkata INDIAN
Concept identified by Durkheim as the breakdown of values ANOMIE
Constitutional conferral RIGHT
Cross the threshold GOIN
Cul-de-___ SAC
Deliver a stump speech ORATE
Denounces strongly DAMNS
Divert, as a train SHUNT
Engages in mythomania LIES
Epic tales LEGENDS
Erase WIPE
Explosive event, briefly ATEST
Expresses an opinion intensely SOUNDSOFF
Five-in-a-row board game PENTE
Glutinous substance GOO
Hair in a lair MANE
Halle Berry's zodiac sign LEO
Hapless salesman on 'The Simpsons' GIL
Hard plant product STEEL
Hate, hate, hate LOATHE
Having qualms UNEASY
Hawaiian duo? DOTS
Heavens ETHER
Home of the Ouzoud Falls MOROCCO
Hoppy drink, briefly IPA
In the before times AGO
It's flipped in a library PAGE
Janis's comics spouse ARLO
Jenny's love of film FORREST
Kick-___ (amazing) ASS
Legal wrong TORT
Like a bug in a rug SNUG
Like a table made with silver and gold? PERIODIC
Like dragon eggs in the 'Game of Thrones' universe RARE
Like fried chicken wings OILY
Like some Latin chants GREGORIAN
Like some near-perfect games ONEHIT
Like torches LIT
Clues Answers
London setting of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' EASTEND
Mai ___ (rum cocktail) TAI
Make public, as an affidavit UNSEAL
Mars's counterpart ARES
Mascara application site LASH
Minus sign look-alikes ENDASHES
Moisture in a meadow DEW
Money spent in Istanbul LIRA
Music City Miracle team TITANS
National University of ___ (Vientiane school) LAOS
Needing a friend LONELY
Nickname of William Howard Taft's birth city CINCY
No longer spinning, say DRY
Nonverbal agreement NOD
Nothing but ONLY
Nothing but ___ NET
Number given on a date YEAR
On the matter of ASTO
One paying for services CLIENT
Ones giving people body checks? DOCTORS
Online magazine that hosts the LGBTQ podcast 'Outward' SLATE
OTC medication monitor FDA
Painting, pottery, etc ARTS
Parque das Ruínas city RIO
Payment in a casino ANTE
Perform excellently (Malinda Lo) PUTONASHOW
Piece performed to honor an athletic victory in ancient Greece ODE
Play stations with PlayStations, perhaps DENS
Playwright Clifford ODETS
Points at a dinner table? PRONGS
Policy explainer, often WONK
Postal motto word NOR
POTUS's military title CINC
Practitioner of Crystal Cubism PICASSO
Pro who's no longer on a rookie contract VETERAN
Product of pondering IDEA
Pronoun for Laverne Cox SHE
Protests PLAINTS
Quiet MUM
Quinn of 'Songcatcher' AIDAN
Quite enthusiastic RAHRAH
Really, really, really OHSO
Requiring a tux, say DRESSY
Same-___ delivery DAY
Savings vehicle, briefly IRA
Shirley Caesar's genre GOSPEL
Sprouted GREW
Student fencers' org NCAA
Sweetened soft drink COLA
Teeny-tiny ITSY
Them's the breaks SPACES
Toasted Kellogg's treat POPTART
Top 10 song for Bruce Springsteen in 1985 IMONFIRE
Transformative stage PUPA
Trash trait ODOR
Trident-shaped letters PSIS
Univ. students focusing on chemistry and computer programming, say (Jane Austen) STEMMAJORS
Usain Bolt's apt asset SPEED
Useless NOHELP
Veinte divided by diez DOS
Villain of the X-Men who plays with fire PYRO
Weeping willow, e.g TREE
What 'ciao' can mean HELLO
What Michael Caine was awarded in 2000 (Elie Wiesel) KNIGHTHOOD
Where oinks are heard STY
Where oinks are heard PEN
Why someone may commit a crime MOTIVE
Yemen's region ARABIA
___ Lankan SRI
___ Mahal (Grammy-winning blues musician) TAJ
___ shanty SEA
___-socialism (ideology involving green politics) ECO