The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 28 2021

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Clues Answers
Arduous trip TREK
Bête noire BUGBEAR
Charlie into cake and hot bananas? BUNCH
Clown Jack strangely terse JESTER
Cluster BUNCH
Compass point NORTH
Compensation REDRESS
Crook is heartless public official CORNER
Dante Alighieri holds drink TEA
Destroy WRECK
Direction from Avon or Thames NORTH
Disconnected DETACHED
Dishevelled person in crash WRECK
Drunk captures hearts in photograph SHOT
Earl Grey, e.g TEA
Earwig running around over spade EAVESDROP
Effort SHOT
English vehicles for Welshman? EVANS
Fool at court JESTER
Furniture item TABLE
Good man into excellent wine ASTI
Hike starts in The Rip, ends in the outback TREK
Holy place SHRINE
Hospital priest might be cool cat HIPSTER
Identical in Old Norse and English ONE
Clues Answers
Indivisible ONE
Italian wine region ASTI
Less experienced lush with monarch GREENER
List rewritten with the Scots emblem THISTLE
Listen in (on) EAVESDROP
Misleading passages found here? LABYRINTH
More eco-friendly GREENER
Most excellent footballer BEST
One following HM into female prison HENCHMAN
Optimum BEST
Pachyderm ELEPHANT
Prickly plant THISTLE
Put right socialist on steamship REDRESS
Real female identity in Beano perhaps? BONAFIDE
Remote sort of residence DETACHED
Right inside Polish tomb SHRINE
Show about meat REVEAL
Stock from the two investing rand BROTH
Stomach after infection is nightmare BUGBEAR
Story about British food TABLE
Superficial SHALLOW
The plane could be a Jumbo ELEPHANT
Thin soup BROTH
Trendy urbanite HIPSTER
Weak pig outside room SHALLOW