The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,095 - Feb 14 2021

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Clues Answers
A free woman, relatively? AUNTIE
A pitch, grey ASHY
Appreciation of music in big band style -- might that cause offence? SWEARING
Area round university affected everyone here CAMPUS
Be up for malevolence EVIL
Bill featuring in play, sycophant TOADY
Bovine cross in English city OXFORD
Capital I invested in a report, wasted PRETORIA
Children's author I see in detail, lacking content DAHL
Cleaner strand cut by tool, finally BLEACH
Design aircraft, shortly PLAN
Draw sword: replace another way CROWDPLEASER
Eat for a laugh, did you say? INGEST
Gasp, great idea! WHEEZE
Heard, painful sound of wild animal ROAR
Jog across the desert, perhaps, for practice DRYRUN
Clues Answers
Labouring serf hugged by good little nipper HORSEFLY
Large drink is raised after six, on seeing problem Doublevision
Late, avoid failure DEADDUCK
Might that be still belonging to me, a trawler at sea? MINERALWATER
Note first of threads in needlework CROTCHET
Note minister provided, passed to the left FIVER
Point in Moscow established WEST
Raised platform out back in burn SCAFFOLD
School in Cardiff is horrendous FISH
See great waves in cheap accommodation on ship STEERAGE
Serious charity supporting pious individual STAID
Some light bud SUNSHINE
Sovereign, old coin CROWN
US car notably breaking the law CONSTABULARY
Wife cheating endlessly FRAU
Wrecked with a hyphen? DASHED