New York Times - Feb 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cómo ___?' ESTA
'Hey, man!' YODUDE
'Hold on!' NOTYET
'It's just me' IMALONE
'Raspberry ___' (Prince hit) BERET
'There's another good point' THATTOO
'What's more ...' ALSO
'___ So Sweet to Trust in Jesus' (hymn) TIS
2006 World Cup champion, to native fans ITALIA
A negative has a reverse one IMAGE
A quarter of vier EINS
Acid container VAT
Ascribe to, as fault BLAMEON
Balrog's home in 'The Lord of the Rings' MORIA
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Slaughter ENOS
Behaves badly SINS
Big name in tennis balls PENN
Big name in windshield wipers RAINX
Break between workouts RESTDAY
Build up AMASS
Child, in Chile NENE
Choreographer Lubovitch LAR
Cleanup grp EPA
Common prescription item LENS
Conference with five University of California schools BIGWEST
Criticize constantly, with 'on' RAG
Dark side YIN
Dates SEES
Divest RID
Element of Freddy Krueger's glove BLADE
Elevator innovator OTIS
Face card's value in blackjack TEN
Feelings in the room, informally VIBES
Fighter's fake FEINT
Fillet, say DEBONE
Final Four game, e.g SEMI
First name on the Supreme Court ELENA
First-aid item for allergy sufferers EPIPEN
Follower of high or dry SEASON
Goal of some workouts TONING
Graduation wear for a University of Hawaii student LEI
Graze EAT
Hawaiian house feature LANAI
Hightailed it TORE
Home to the world's three highest capital cities ANDES
Hours spent by the pool at the nudist club? EXPOSURETIME
How people returned from a week at the nudist club? FULLYRECOVERED
Humbugs? BEES
In relation to VISAVIS
In shape FIT
Is, in ancient Rome EST
It comes straight from the horse's mouth REIN
Its size may be measured in liters ENGINE
John for whom the Voting Rights Advancement Act was named LEWIS
Joneses LONGS
Kylo ___, 'Star Wars' villain REN
L.G.B.T. symbol RAINBOW
Largest South American bird RHEA
Leadership style of the nudist club president? BARELYMANAGING
Like a senior year LAST
Like Ahab's pursuit of Moby Dick OBSESSIVE
Like babies' legs, often PUDGY
Liquor with a double-headed eagle logo SMIRNOFF
Lit into HADAT
Man who had all the answers? TREBEK
Many a golden parachute recipient, in brief CEO
Many a goodie, they say OLDIE
Mimic APE
Minimal effort EASE
Clues Answers
Mont-Saint-Michel, e.g ILE
Mountaineer's tool ICEAXE
Muscle above an ab PEC
Need for a jailbreak ESCAPEPLAN
Nellie's love in 'South Pacific' EMILE
Neural transmitter AXON
New members of the nudist club? RAWRECRUITS
Nicolas who directed 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' ROEG
Not a joke, say REAL
Not as unruly TAMER
Not in debt SOLVENT
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Pans for potstickers WOKS
Part of the U.K.: Abbr ENG
Permanent marker? SCAR
Pint-size WEE
Place for a throne DAIS
Poetry night? EEN
Polo course? EAST
Popping up ARISING
Popular hiding spots in hide-and-seek CLOSETS
Privy to INON
Pro wrestler Flair RIC
Published RAN
Punk cousin EMO
Question that introduces doubt ORISIT
Recipe direction ADDIN
Releases FREES
Robert who played A. J. Soprano ILER
Rock genre INDIE
School with a 15th-century chapel ETON
Self starter? HER
Sensitive subject SOREPOINT
Shared with, for a while LENTTO
Signed i.o.u.'s CHITS
Sin's counterpart COS
Site of the Minotaur's Labyrinth KNOSSOS
Slangy contraction AINT
Small inlet RIA
Some baggage VALISES
Statistic in football or basketball ATTEMPT
Steamboat Springs alternative VAIL
Strong desire LUST
Supercilious sort ELITIST
Supporting FOR
Symbolic gestures TOKENS
Syngman ___, first South Korean president RHEE
Taco Bell slogan LIVEMAS
Techies and Trekkies, stereotypically GEEKS
Tenor Andrea BOCELLI
The lake in 'lake effect' snow ERIE
Thermostat setting AUTO
They hit the sauce a lot LADLES
Thieves' hideout DEN
Time's Person of the Century EINSTEIN
Travel expense TOLL
Two are named after Douglas and Fraser FIRS
Vanderpump of Bravo's 'Vanderpump Rules' LISA
Victory in the annual nudist club 1K? WINNINGSTREAK
Virtual currency ECASH
Weigh in OPINE
Whale constellation CETUS
What happens in the stand-up show at the nudist club? COMICSTRIPS
When the nudist club was founded? MANYMOONSAGO
Where the nudist club orchestra plays its concerts? BOTTOMLESSPIT
William Howard Taft or William McKinley OHIOAN
Winter driving hazard SLEET
You might skip it if you're in trouble TOWN