Universal - Feb 27 2021

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Clues Answers
"Fast & Furious 6" director Justin LIN
"Frozen" snowman OLAF
"Good evening," in Nice BONSOIR
"Hava Nagila" dance HORA
"That was ___ blow!" ALOW
*"Not a chance!" NORWAY
*Jones is a common one SURINAME
*Longtime U.S. airline PANAMA
*Misrepresent BELIZE
*Rest against LEBANON
*Spain's main airline LIBERIA
Alphabetical nickname STU
Andean relative of a camel ALPACA
Angsty rock style EMO
Belly, to a tot TUM
Billion: Prefix GIGA
Boy in "Call Me by Your Name" ELIO
Chi-Town trains ELS
Chunk of marble SLAB
Cocoon occupants PUPAE
Consume EAT
Desensitizes NUMBS
Disney film whose title is Maori for "ocean" MOANA
Estimate GUESS
Exclamation of amazement ILLBE
Expensive slot in the Super Bowl broadcast AIRTIME
Feature of "i" or "j," but not "k" DOT
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera ARTISTS
Future twentysomething TEEN
Genius' organization MENSA
Granny NANA
Hair goops GELS
How technology quickly starts to feel OLD
Incoming flight stat ETA
Indonesian vacation destination BALI
It's hotter than a jalapeno SERRANO
Jill who was The New York Times' first female executive editor ABRAMSON
Largely treeless Arctic region TUNDRA
Clues Answers
Lead-in to "carte" ALA
Like Morehouse ALLMALE
List-ending abbr ETC
Major snowstorm BLIZZARD
Make a priest, say ORDAIN
Mitchell or Nin ANAIS
Molecule in a cell RNA
NBA star Anthony, for short MELO
Not neat UNTIDY
Org. concerned with teeth ADA
Plaything TOY
Prohibition's beginning? DONOT
Rode a bike PEDALED
Schlep LUG
See 22-Across BUILDING
Shortcomings FAILINGS
Siesta NAP
Singer DiFranco ANI
Small whirlpool EDDY
Soon, quaintly ANON
Source of life? PARENT
South African Nobelist Desmond TUTU
Spanish for "one" UNO
Sprinted RAN
Story with a lesson PARABLE
Tart to the taste ACIDIC
Thailand, once SIAM
The Holy Grail, for one RELIC
They were big and woolly MAMMOTHS
Tons and tons ALOT
Unattractive-sounding fruit UGLI
Washer cycle RINSE
Waterfall spray MIST
With 20-Across, constructing a country's identity ... or what's happening in the starred answers? (Note: Read the extra letters in order for a bonus) NATION
Zazie Beetz show set in Georgia's capital ATLANTA
___ avis RARA
___ cream social ICE
___-Carlton RITZ