- Feb 27 2021

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Clues Answers
''Calamares, croquetas, . . .'' TAPAS
A poor fit ILLSUITED
A Universal Studios city OSAKA
Air carrier DUCT
Ancient ''white,'' ''venerable'' city near Rome ALBALONGA
Arachnophobe of rhyme MUFFET
Bumblers CLODS
Corporate CPA preparation SECFILING
Dark times for advertising NITES
Donut frosting flavor MAPLE
Duke's fall, e.g SEMESTER
Easter precursor NOR
Elemental form ISOTOPE
Ellipsis alternative ETC
Exploits DEEDS
Focus of stereochemistry ATOMS
GPS reading SSE
Ground together GNASHED
Half of a sitcom psychiatrist pair NILES
Howe'er ALTHO
Hyundai owns a piece of it KIA
Image editors PRFIRMS
Inappropriate charge BUMRAP
Inconvenient hiccup SNAG
Integral element COMPONENT
It was shared by Matisse and Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
Less nuanced STARKER
Magnet collector FRIDGE
Make sour EMBITTER
Many a sitcom set APARTMENT
Merchant needing hardware ETAILER
Name on breakfast bread boxes SARA
Clues Answers
Not prone to kidding SOBER
Ocean liner SAND
Omelet pan feature HINGE
Ones saying ''Welcome!'' GREETERS
Op-art fabric MOIRE
Picnic pastime EGGTOSS
Pipsqueak RUNT
Place for oats NOSEBAG
Progress much GETFAR
Regatta activity TACKING
Research outfit LABCOAT
Satellite truck passengers NEWSCREWS
Seed containers PISTILS
Selfie enabler IPAD
She was seen in ''. . . Roger Rabbit'' BOOP
Ship launched by Wouk CAINE
Some kinfolk NEPHEWS
Sonny of jazz sax fame ROLLINS
Stops for a mail plane CAYS
Studio space DINETTE
Sudden rush SPATE
Swallow too much ENGORGE
Swamp swimmer TERRAPIN
Thing in some packs LIE
Three-sided wall adornment PENNANT
Throw back quickly DOSHOTS
Toward sunrise, to Thérèse EST
Transforms RESHAPES
Use a meter, maybe PARK
Verb that sounds like a shout EKE
Victorian syntax ROYALWE
What makes mist moist ANO
Work as a team UNITE
Worthy of adoration HOLY