Wall Street Journal - Feb 27 2021 - Curses!

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Clues Answers
“@#$%! Annie Oakley just had a baby!” SONOFAGUN
“@#$%! Close those pearly gates!” FORHEAVENSSAKE
“@#$%! Look what the rabbi just landed!” HOLYMACKEREL
“@#$%! My bow splintered again!” FIDDLESTICKS
“@#$%! My steak’s too rare, Pop!” DADBURNIT
“@#$%! Not another Brit Lit class!” WHATTHEDICKENS
“@#$%! That black hole is sucking them in!” OHMYSTARS
“@#$%! These veggies are inedible!” SUFFERINSUCCOTASH
“@#$%! This wake is getting totally out of hand!” GOODGRIEF
“Consider the task handled” ONIT
“Glengarry Glen Ross” playwright MAMET
“Likewise” DITTO
“Pick me! Pick me!” OHOHOH
“Sadly, yes” AFRAIDSO
“The Great Pretender” group, with “the” PLATTERS
“The Masque of the Red Death” writer POE
“Twilight” writer Stephenie MEYER
“Very well...” OKAYTHEN
@@@ ATS
Bargaining group UNION
Barry, Robin or Maurice BEEGEE
Bear Dance participant UTE
Body image, of a sort SCAN
Boo-boo OWIE
Borders ABUTS
By way of VIA
Captain whose middle name is Tiberius KIRK
Card game akin to monte bank FARO
Carmaker Bugatti ETTORE
CBD oil source HEMP
Chicago Outfit boss CAPONE
Cleaned out, say BROKE
Close behind ATHEEL
Considered DEEMED
Course selection? MEAL
Dart about FLIT
Dealer’s unit KILO
Decline EBB
Docking spot BERTH
Dudes BROS
Easy victim PATSY
England’s first poet laureate DRYDEN
Famous NOTED
Fencing piece SLAT
Fishing spot PIER
Fixes a button, say SEWS
Former mag mogul HEF
Freshener scent PINE
Fruity compounds ESTERS
Get out of EVADE
Girl who’s having a ball DEB
Give off EMIT
Glades snapper CROC
Goes on an Amazon tour, say? SHOPS
Gourmet chips ingredient SEASALT
Guess alternative LEE
Gulf War missile SCUD
Heaps ALOT
Hitching hope RIDE
Hole driller AUGER
Home of minor league baseball’s Aces RENO
Hosp. test MRI
In ___ (befuddled) AFOG
Incoherent articulation RANT
It catches major league fastballs RADAR
Jah praisers RASTAS
Juice box accompaniers BENDYSTRAWS
K2, e.g PEAK
Kylo ___ (“The Force Awakens” character) REN
Clues Answers
Lab reward TREAT
Lair for a bear DEN
Layered snack OREO
Lend a hand PITCHIN
Like cobras HOODED
Like some ports AGED
Little salamanders EFTS
Mauna ___ LOA
Met offering ARIA
Minimal change CENT
Mordor resident ORC
Mouth, in slang KISSER
Muffet’s morsels CURDS
Nickname for “The King of Clay” RAFA
Not much ADAB
Obsession FETISH
Offers as evidence CITES
Oil producer, perhaps ARTIST
Parking pros VALETS
Part of a chain, perhaps STORE
Partner of 111-Down AID
Partner of 72-Across ABET
Passing passions FADS
Pentathletes’ needs EPEES
People who work on celebrity impressions? PRTEAMS
Period DOT
Planet where an egg-shaped spacecraft originated ORK
Plot devices? HOES
Praiseful poetry ODES
Prayer wheel user LAMA
Prepare to flee TURNTAIL
Prudent judgment SENSE
Puppy sounds YAPS
Put-your-cards-in-order game RACKO
Puzzle solvers’ cries AHAS
Radisson rival SHERATON
Ran like crazy TORE
Ranch strays DOGIES
Rascal SCAMP
Reproductive cell GAMETE
Reserved SHY
Rodriguez of “Modern Family” RICO
Senator Collins SUSAN
She had the title role on “Madam Secretary” TEALEONI
Shout-out from a sideline player HIMOM
Singing syllable TRA
Smart answers SASS
Something hard to kick OLDHABIT
Sowing machine SEEDER
Spa town near London EPSOM
Spotted SEEN
Squashed circle OVAL
Stands for speeches DAISES
Start of a 1950s campaign slogan ILIKE
Sun-dried material ADOBE
Sure competitor ARRID
Swahili’s language family BANTU
Swift writing SATIRE
That fellow’s HIS
Tour de France stage ETAPE
Vaccine component RNA
Verdant LUSH
Whopper topper MAYO
Witheringly critical SCATHING
Without face value, as stock NOPAR
Word in a Yale fight song BOOLA
Zero, for one PLANE
___ & Perrins (Worcestershire sauce brand) LEA
___ Balls (snack cakes) SNO