- Feb 25 2021

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Clues Answers
''. . . Cuckoo's Nest'' author KESEY
''Family Guy'' mom LOIS
''Likewise!'' SODOI
AL East team BOS
At any point EVER
Bank take-back REPO
Batmobile passenger ROBIN
Be tangent to ABUT
Becomes inedible ROTS
Bright and bouncy PERKY
Brunch fish LOX
Captain Pierce portrayer ALDA
Carried by freighter, say SEABORNE
Certain stadium successes TDS
Certain undergrad SOPH
City near Pasadena AZUSA
Coating for 29 Across WAX
Convention center show EXPO
Creativity hurdle MENTALBLOCK
Crude cartel OPEC
Danish toast SKOAL
Dim sum and buffalo wings APPS
Erie Canal city UTICA
First Lady before Mamie BESS
First school for some PREK
Frat letter TAU
Function properly WORK
Get fast cash for HOCK
Goldfinger's idol, possibly MIDAS
Grill's partner BAR
Hike preventer PRICEFREEZE
Hygienic thread FLOSS
Into ruin BELLYUP
Keen on INTO
MASH personnel: Abbr DRS
Metro map notation SUBWAYSTOP
Microwave sound BEEP
Minor misstep SLIP
Clues Answers
Move furtively SIDLE
Name on jeans labels LEVI
Overhead expanse SKY
Page for pundits OPED
Paper mill material PULP
Playwright O'Casey SEAN
Poet's planet ORB
Pop singer Bareilles SARA
Proclaim STATE
Reinvest, with ''back'' PLOW
Rival of Athens SPARTA
River of Spain EBRO
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Secures a ship MOORS
Shell out PAY
Short on words TERSE
Soap opera, for instance DRAMA
Son of Eve SETH
Sorrow DOLOR
Sound from a deep guitar BASSNOTE
Sound of coins dropping CLINK
Speaker on some phones SIRI
Special Forces topper BERET
Start to awaken STIR
Stitch's Disney film pal LILO
Surrealist Chagall MARC
Sweeping cut SLASH
Things sniffed ODORS
Time off from cramming STUDYBREAK
Time-honored ceremony RITUAL
Train's sleeping compartment ROOMETTE
Venues for darts PUBS
Walk heavily TRAMP
Wallpapering need PASTE
What a unicycle has one of AXLE
Whenever it's convenient ANYTIME
Will Smith biopic ALI
Wrestling maneuver DROPKICK