New York Times - Feb 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'___ the best!' YOURE
'___ this!' TRY
Alternatives to melts, maybe BLTS
Architect of the original Sisyphean task HADES
Area for development TRACT
Arizona's ___ National Forest (whose name is Spanish for 'stupid') TONTO
Biggest French-speaking Swiss city GENEVA
Bill ___, noted Vietnam War-era activist AYERS
Blackjack bet ... or a hint to applying the five circled regions in this puzzle DOUBLEDOWN
Book before Nehemiah EZRA
Bounced back REBOUNDED
Bridge declaration, in casual play IPASS
Carmaker from Japan ISUZU
Central difficulty RUB
Choler RAGE
Choleric MAD
Closer's specialty SALES
Cold, in Caracas FRIO
Collaborator on 1968's 'Two Virgins,' familiarly YOKO
Courtroom figs ATTS
Director Roth of cinema's Splat Pack ELI
Dish often topped with raw egg yolk STEAKTARE
Feature of some bibliographic citations HANGINDENT
Final Oldsmobile model ALERO
Forerunner of the C.I.A OSS
Former first and second lady BARABUSH
Garment whose name comes from the Malay for 'sheath' SARONG
Get into it, in a way ARGUE
Halal cart offering GYRO
Hamlet, for one DANE
Holden's late brother in 'The Catcher in the Rye' ALLIE
Home of the N.C.A.A.'s Cavaliers UVA
Hostess ___ Balls SNO
Impenetrable DENSE
Jumper cable? BUNGEE
Kind of page FAQ
Clues Answers
Lacks existence ISNT
Lead-in to phobia AGORA
Like beige and lilac PALE
Like some diet soda SUGARFREE
Literary pal of Porthos ATHOS
Map feature INSET
Masterstroke COUP
Middle of a sustainability slogan REUSE
Molding curves OGEES
More aligned TRUER
N.A.A.C.P. ___ Awards IMAGE
Newswoman O'Donnell NORAH
Nudge, in a way JOG
Oil spot? STUDIO
Organization with pledges, informally FRAT
Pants, slangily TROU
Physicians' grp AMA
Piece of the pie, perhaps OCTANT
Practical jokes GAGS
Prime snorkeling spots REEFS
Psyche's mate in Greek mythology EROS
Shade at the beach AQUA
Single-take shots, in film lingo ONERS
Some exchanges via AOL, once IMS
Spot for a tap KEG
Stethoscope detection HEARTMUR
Surname of two former Chicago mayors DALEY
Took back, as a trophy REWON
Turning point AXLE
Uncertain IFFY
Unfortunate occasion for a spelling error BEE
Unreactive INERT
Venerate EXALT
Vintage diner fixture, in brief JUKE
Vote for YEA
Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You,' for example COVERSION
___ season FLU