L.A. Times Daily - Feb 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"Breaking Bad" org DEA
"Evita" narrator CHE
"Seinfeld" regular ELAINE
"__ Trigger": Bugs Bunny cartoon HARE
Absurd INANE
Anatomy book author Henry GRAY
Baseball glove part WEB
Blood-drinking mammal VAMPIREBAT
Bucket of bolts CRATE
Cal.-to-Fla. highway ITEN
California's Point __ National Seashore REYES
Capital founded by Pizarro LIMA
Catch a bug, say AIL
Civil War topper KEPI
Constitutional events WALKS
Cook Islands export TARO
Cuckoo clock feature DOOR
Dance that may involve a chair HORA
Delta of "Designing Women" BURKE
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Dodger rival of shortstop Rizzuto REESE
Energy unit ERG
Fifth of 12, alphabetically: Abbr JAN
Five-star AONE
Folklore monster OGRE
Free (of) RID
Get into a stew? EAT
Gossip DIRT
Gummy bear ingredient GELATIN
Harper's Bazaar designer ERTE
Hawaiian goose NENE
Heavyweight fight? SUMO
It has an eye on TV CBS
It may be tapped KEG
It may break and crash WAVE
Judicial attire ROBES
Linguistic suffix ESE
Loitering ... or how 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-Down might be seen? HANGINGAROUND
Clues Answers
Love, to Luigi AMORE
Magic prop WAND
Magical potion ELIXIR
Move furtively SLINK
Naval lockup BRIG
One who digs hard rock MINER
One working on bks CPA
Persian king XERXES
Place for shooting stars? SET
Poisonous flowering shrub OLEANDER
Prefix with call ROBO
Pressing EXIGENT
Reddit Q&A session AMA
Saloon door's lack KNOB
Sea that's a victim of irrigation projects ARAL
Shoe that's full of holes CROC
Slightly open AJAR
Smoked salmon NOVA
Sonicare rival ORALB
Source ROOT
Spelunking sight STALACTITE
Stud fee, maybe ANTE
Support for Tarzan JUNGLEVINE
Surrealist Joan MIRO
Swear to be true AVOW
Tap serving BEER
Tattoo joint? ANKLE
Tech company that became a verb XEROX
Terraced structure of ancient Mesopotamia ZIGGURAT
They may draft briefs PARAS
Try to date ASKOUT
Tubes on the table ZITI
Vegas snake eyes TWO
Verne who created Nemo JULES
Water park feature CHUTE
Wedding reception hiree CATERER
YouTube clip, for short VID