- Feb 24 2021

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Clues Answers
''Stainless'' alloy STEEL
''The way things stand . . .'' ASITIS
''Victory is mine!'' IWIN
''With all __ respect . . .'' DUE
''¿Cómo ___ usted?'' ESTA
A __ in the right direction STEP
Actress Watson or Thompson EMMA
Alternatively ELSE
Angelic light HALO
Apple's center CORE
Assist in wrongdoing ABET
Assistance HELP
Attorney LAWYER
Auction off, say SELL
Brought about CAUSED
Charitable donations ALMS
Chess piece color BLACK
Command to an attack dog SICEM
Contents of printer cartridges INKS
Courtroom break RECESS
Curved line ARC
Eggy brunch order OMELET
Fast-spreading, as a Web video VIRAL
Fruity pastry TURNOVER
Get off a sofa STAND
Halves of diameters RADII
Historical period ERA
Homer Simpson's shout DOH
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Just __ (very slightly) AMITE
Keeps from happening AVERTS
Keogh plan alternative IRA
Laundry appliance WASHER
Lead a committee session CHAIRTHEMEETING
Leave out OMIT
Lion's comment ROAR
Literary categories GENRES
Low card in a royal flush TEN
Lucky charm AMULET
Clues Answers
Manner of walking GAIT
Meet with SEE
Most unfavorable WORST
Narrow opening GAP
Nonspeaking performer MIME
Not for kids, as a film RATEDR
Nouveau __ (recently wealthy group) RICHE
Oohs and __ AAHS
Operatic solo ARIA
Org. for tooth pros ADA
Ostrich's Aussie cousin EMU
Plane's landing area STRIP
Plant growing on a ceramic ''pet'' CHIA
Point opposite WSW ENE
Preset document format TEMPLATE
Program downloaded APP
Reduce unpleasant effects CUSHIONTHEBLOW
Ripen AGE
Rough struggle TUSSLE
Send in a paperless return EFILE
Show the ropes to ORIENT
Small cylindrical battery AAA
Steak-cutting implement KNIFE
Stop up, as a drain CLOG
Sukiyaki side dish RICE
Swampy ground BOG
Take a batter out of a lineup BENCHTHEPLAYER
Theater signal CUE
Tiny bite NIP
Tortoise racer in a fable HARE
Transplant, as a houseplant REPOT
Unruly crowd MOB
Used to be WERE
Wad of gum GOB
Website with film facts IMDB
Well-honed KEEN
What you might say after ''C'est'' LAVIE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Young sheep LAMB